Best Electric Knives in 2020 Reviews

Imagine you are a chef and tasked with cutting a substantial amount of meat during a gathering. A while ago, peoples used to chop meat using the manual knives. However, these days everything has changed with the rise of electric carving knives. These electric carvers are designed in a way that they make cutting easy and quick thus enabling chefs to cut meat into many sizes without struggling.

Besides cutting meat carving knives are available with different blades that enable chopping vegetables and even for bread. With sturdy blade and motor, the knives prove easy to navigate around the bones as well as when cutting hard food like bread. When buying an electric knife, it is advisable to take time to ensure you get the perfect one.

Pre-Purchase Consideration:

Check some of the things to look before purchase:

  • Blade

The blade is among the top features to check when buying a carving knife. Knives with ling blades are ideal for cutting large pieces, especially for roasting. Moreover, they are excellent for cutting bread. On the other hand, before buying, it is essential to check whether the blade is broken.

  • Corded vs. rechargeable

Depending on the working conditions, many people will have reasons to either buy a rechargeable or corded electric knife. For corded, buyer must consider the length of the cord to enable smooth operation. Too short cable will only cause restrictions. For rechargeable; check the battery life to know whether it will deliver as your expectations.

  • Grip

For culinary experts, they how crucial it is to have a comfortable knife. Same applies when buying an electric knife. It should have a good grasp to ensure that you have smooth operations in your kitchen. Apart from the handle, motor noise is also great to check.

Review List of Best Electric knives:

10. Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife

Elite Cuisine EK-570B Maxi-Matic Electric Knife

For chefs, having ideal knives significantly boost their operations in the kitchen. Now, Elite Cuisine EK-570B electric knife is revolutionizing kitchens. The knife is highly versatile ton enable chopping meat, vegetables, and even bread. The designing of this carving knife entails high precession blades that allow it to slice with ease.

Equipped with two full size serrated steel blades, they are strong to resist breaking easily. This means that even when cutting hard loaves, the knife achieves it without hassles. Furthermore, the easy to change ejection button and one-touch activated pressure enable convenient operation.

Product Highlight:

  • Strong steel blades

These enable heavy-duty performance without risking breaking. Therefore, they are ideal for cutting a variety of foods. They are serrated to improve performance.

  • Quick cleaning

The knife is easy to clean as blades are easy to eject with just a press of a button.

  • Sleek design

For precision cutting the knife has sleekly design blades that are ideal for cutting meat into desired shapes easily.


  • Ideal for variety of applications
  • Rust-resistant steel blades
  • Ergonomic handle

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9. Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife

Oster FPSTEK2803B Electric Knife

When deciding to upgrade kitchen, one of the ideal tools culinary experts never forget are the knives. They are essential that, if working with a blunt and inefficient one, it only makes work cumbersome. With this era of electric knives, this one from Oster gives a kitchen a perfect upgrade.

Designed from the highest stainless steel blades, the knife delivers outstanding performance. The blade is detachable to improve the cleaning efficiency. Furthermore, the blade edges are curved to facilitate curving around the curved places. The handle is ergonomically designed which ensures the user has outstanding grip.

Product Highlight:

  • Custom storage case

The case is essential for maintaining the knife safely and clean, when not in use.  Also, it is easy to locate it when in need.

  • Carving fork

When chopping or carving, the fork ensures that chef gets proper hold of the food.

  • Special cutting tip

The specially designed tips boost maneuverability when cutting around the hard to cut areas.


  • Safe to store
  • Easy to use on any meat
  • Detachable blade for smooth cleaning

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8. Hamilton Beach 74311Y Lightweight Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach 74311Y Lightweight Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach is a real friend when it comes to kitchen tools and appliances. With high-quality products, you will find them great in your kitchen. This lightweight electric knife from the company brings precision cutting and quick operation to your home. With soft and perfect grip, the knife is ideal for every chef.

Enjoying serrated steel blade, it doesn’t experience rusting or corrosion. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause undesirable taste to your fresh food. Once you need to clean, it is easy since the blade is removable with a single press ejection button. Amazingly, the handle is created for use by either right or left handed people without adjustment.

Product Highlight:

  • Serrated stainless steel blade

For efficient and smooth cutting, the blade is serrated. Combining serrations and extra sharpness, it cuts professionally.

  • Right and left-handed use

Unlike other brands, using this knife is comfortable regardless of your hand use. There is no need to adjust handle since it fits all people

  • Blade release

When storing or cleaning, the quick release button enables stress-free blade release.


  • Comfortable for all hand users
  • Quick to detach blade
  • Extra lightweight design

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7. Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Rapala Heavy Duty Electric Fillet Knife

Get the sped combined with the power to enable you to do all the fileting activities hassle-free. All you need to do is get this heavy-duty electric fish fillet knife from Rapala. It is a sleek and corded knife fitted with super duty blade with double speed and triple power than other fillet knives.

Boasting quiet and robust motor, it ensures that no noise and operation is smooth. The materials used in the handle provide a firm grip while blade features stainless-steel finished with serrations, the blade a breathtaking fileting. Unlike most of the available electric knives, this is dishwasher friendly.

Product Highlight:

  • Heavy duty motor

When using this knife, it has enhanced performance due to the fitted heavy duty motor. Despite its performance, it is quite and no annoying noise.

  • High perfuming blade

The serrated steel blade delivers double the speed and triple power than other existing filleting knives.

  • Long power cord

The power wire fitted is long to ensure comfortable use without restrictions due to cable length.


  • Great for any filleting work
  • Easy to clean using dishwasher
  • Long blade for enhanced performance

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6. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

Nowadays, it is possible to do filleting anywhere with ease and using an electric knife. Among many available choices, the Rapala rechargeable fish fillet electric knife is the real choice for every kitchen. Utilizing rechargeable Li-ion battery, it is possible to use the knife even when going outdoors. Additionally, the battery provides excellent power for the blade to deliver up to 80 minutes.

Designed featuring high speed and torque motor, it delivers consistency and performance throughout. The rubberized handle offers comfort and great feel when using the knife. Furthermore, with less charging time, it means increased usability. Sleekly designed blade improves the cutting performance.

Product Highlight:

  • Heavy duty Li-ion battery

The battery provides enough charge to power the knife for up to 80 minutes of continuous use.

  • Rubberized handle

With a rubbery feel, hands can hold the knife properly without slipping. Therefore, it is excellent for precise cutting.

  • Cordless

Without the need for plug-in operations, this knife is highly mobile for use anywhere.


  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Superb grip
  • Super maneuverable blade

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5. Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife

Hamilton Beach Electric Carving Knife

Increase the cutting versatility in your kitchen with only one knife. None other than the Hamilton Beach electric carving knife will enable you to achieve this. The carving knife is designed professionally to make meat chopping, vegetable or bread cutting a breeze. To allow this, blades are long and robust; stainless steel with serrations.

Unlike most of the brands, this knife is provided with a storage case. This means that even when in the kitchen, you can be able to trace it easily. Furthermore, the case improves the safety of the knife. Apart from the case, the carving fork improves your performance; no more finger burning when carving a hot turkey.

Product Highlight:

  • Space saving storage case

For the safety and space saving, this knife comes with a customized storage case. It perfectly fits the knife and the carving fork.

  • Versatile application

With this Hamilton Beach carving knife, it enables a variety of chippings and cuttings in the kitchen. It is perfect for meat, veg, cheese and even bread.

  • One touch blade detachment

Once the carver is not in operation being cleaned, blade detaches easily by pressing one-touch button.


  • Multipurpose blades
  • Safe and easy to store case
  • Strong and durable steel blades

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4. Hamilton Beach Carve ‘n Set Electric Knife

Hamilton Beach Carve 'n Set Electric Knife

Enjoy slicing through your loaf or roasted meat effortlessly using these carves ‘n set electric knives from Hamilton Beach. They are superior knives delivered in a set of 4 packs to bring efficiency to your kitchen. With corrosion and rust proof steel blade, the knives cut through meat with vigor.

Having mastered delivery of high performing kitchen tools, you can rely on these knives to improve the efficiency of these knives. To complement your carving skills, the knives are accompanied by a carving fork. Whether slicing hams, cheese or meat for dinner, these electric carvers will do it with excellence.

Product Highlight:

  • Sleek storage case

Each of the knives in this pack comes with elegant storage case. Therefore, the cases eliminate storage and accessibility stress.

  • Dishwasher carving forks

For convenient an easy cleaning the carving fork provided with the knives are dishwasher safe.

  • Non-slip trigger

Using these knives provides excellent operation. They are fitted with a non-slipping trigger to enable smooth and comfortable blade control.


  • Comfortable to use triggers
  • Easy to maneuver thin blades
  • Hassle-free cleaning; dishwasher safe forks

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3. Cuisinart CEK-50 Cordless Electric Knife

Cuisinart CEK-50 Cordless Electric Knife

You can’t mention kitchen tools and appliances without mentioning Cuisinart. They are trusted for their exceptional quality products. Now, for chefs, there is a superb knife dedicated to ensuring that you have perfect cutting throughout. There are no more blunt blades that complicate your work. The knife is highly portable bearing in mind is cordless and utilizes a rechargeable battery.

Forget about the knives designed for either left or right handed people; this one is for everyone. The handle is universally designed for use with any hand. Moreover, the one-touch On/Off button is smooth to use without complications. This knife utilizes two 3.9 Volts Li-ion batteries.

Product Highlight:

  • Quick charging

For improved usability, the knife boasts quick-charging function. This means that you only need 30 minutes to charge the battery.

  • Interchangeable blades

Depending on what you are cutting, the knife comes with two blades. One is flat while the one is serrated.

  • High portability

There are no cords needed for the knife to operate. Instead, the two powerful batteries power this knife. Therefore, easy to move and use anywhere.


  • Ergonomic handle for all users
  • Easy to change the blades
  • Hassle free On/Off button

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2. BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife

BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch Electric Carving Knife

Become a master of cutting in your kitchen without a lot of hassles. The way to ensure this is getting reliable knives like this electric carving knife from Black+Decker. The knife is highly ergonomic to maximize the control ability. As a result, no more slipping even when your hands are oily especially when cutting meat.

The safety is highly enhanced when utilizing this electric carving knife. It enjoys safety locking button that prevents turning on when you plug the knife. On the other hand, the release button is outstanding since it enables quick blade release. With extra-long 9 inch blade, cutting through meat or any other food is a piece of cake.

Product Highlight:

  • Safety lock button

The button is superb since it eliminates chances of accidents from occurring. It ensures that knife doesn’t turn on automatically.

  • Non-slip tabs

The tabs are great as they hold the knife blade intact without slipping. Thus, it is possible to work with it without any worry or doubt.

  • Multipurpose handle

The perfect grip handle is ideal increasing the maneuverability. Further, it performs as the knife stand, for improved safety during use.


  • Extra-long and strong cutting blades
  • Enhanced safety features
  • Cleaning is a cliché; dishwasher safe

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1. American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife Sportsmen’s Kit

American Angler PRO Electric Fillet Knife Sportsmen's Kit

Filleting has never been enjoyable than using American Angler pro electric fillet knife. Designed with great artistry, the knife delivers professional results. It has a strong motor that provides two times power that rivals. Thereby, the knife enables heavy duty cutting. Furthermore, the blades are designed with hollow grounds to deliver easy maneuvering and high precision.

Unlike other corded filleting electric knives, this has a long power cord, 8 feet that increase the ease of use. Furthermore, the venting construction gives the motor adequate cooling. Amazingly, the knife comes with 5 blades that facilitate fileting of various fishes.

Product Highlight:

  • Vented construction

The vents incorporated in the construction of this knife ensure motor remains cool for maximum performance. This is through preventing overheating.

  • Long power cord

The 8 feet power cord is excellent in ensuring that this knife is usable without encountering maneuvering problems.

  • 5 blades

The interchangeable blades are designed to enable easy filleting whether fresh water or salt water fishes.


  • Perfect grip enables smooth filleting
  • High versatility due to multiple blades
  • Improved motor lifespan

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Electric knives are the latest and sure way of ensuring that you have smooth cutting, slicing, and chopping. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for upgrading every kitchen.