Best Electric Back Massagers in 2020 Reviews

Back massagers are delicate gadgets which need a lot of consideration before you decide to purchase one. The electric back massagers are designed to allow you reach particular points that are hard to reach and help you relax all back muscles either at upper, lower or middle part of the back.

Hence, choosing the best electric back massager maybe stressful as they got various features which must be considered because they are competent to your health. However, this shouldn’t worry you much since this review has summarized for you the best electric back massagers in 2020.

10. 1byone Shiatsu Massage Pillow Massager

Experience a shiatsu massage with 1byone shiatsu pillow massager that will work effortlessly to relax the pain and fatigued muscle in the neck, back, shoulder, abdomen, waist, leg, and arms.

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The massagers massage through deep kneading and heating massages which is facilitated by the four rotating massage nodes and a heat function.

Mores, the massager is user-friendly as has a control button that’s used both for power and heat function.

Ensuring that you get a relaxing massage, the rotating nodes automatically changes direction clockwise or anticlockwise for a thorough massage. Additionally, you can carry it anywhere you go since has car adapter & AC power adapter as well as an adjustable strap with hook and loop fasteners for secure attachment on the care/ car seat.

  • Advantages:

The rotating node adjusts automatically thus give a better feeling. The massager is also portable, and you can easily carry it wherever you go. Controlling with a convenient power button is easy. It also provides shiatsu deep kneading massage together with heating.

Importantly, most of the customers are impressed by the fact that they can travel by the massager stuck in their car seats, or anywhere they go not forgetting how they like its convenience to use.


  • Has AC power adapter and car adapter
  • Adjustable strap with hook and loop fasteners
  • Have four rotating nodes; adjusts automatically changing direction
  • Shiatsu massage by deep-kneading and heating

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9. Gideon GD-MSG-CS2 Luxury Massaging Cushion

Gideon luxury massaging cushion provides customizable massaging experiences; deep-kneading, rolling, vibration and heating. Gideon Luxury Massaging is also made possible by the four kneading nodes which move up 7dwn to have a through touch to the whole back. Also, they can be pinpointed for a specific point massage on the back.

With vibration massage, you can adjust to three vibration levels according to your preference while the roller massage. As a result, this will help you work out the pains in the back and can be selected for fullback, upper or lower end.

Not forgetting the relaxing heat which accompanies all massage modes you choose to make it more enjoyable. A bonus, the massager has an auto-timer that allows you set the intervals up to 15 minutes, has AC home adapter, DC car adapter thus will enable you to carry from home, work or even use in the car when traveling.

  • Advantages:

It is multifunction; massages with deep-kneading, rolling and vibration which can be accompanied by heat. Massage settings are adjustable so you can customize to your preference. The massager can be used for home, car or workplace. The timer can automate massage interval included up to 15 minutes.

Customers are also thrilled by this massager because of its excellent performance and convenient functionally and don’t mind paying a fortune for it.


  • Four 3D rotating massage node
  • Massage speed is adjustable
  • Multifunction; rolling, vibration and deep-kneading massage
  • Flexible massage modes; full back, upper back, lower back or pinpoint target
  • Portable

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8. FIVE STAR FIVE S FS8801 Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

First of all, Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager series SFS8801 is a premium quality massager you need to relax your entire body after a tiresome day at work or even hiking. Since, the FS8801 Shiatsu massager works to rest the neck, shoulder, arms, legs, feet, back and waist. This is accomplished by a shiatsu kneading with the eight kneading rollers which change directions for better results and a soothing heat that enhances the whole massage process.

With one button to shift massage direction and to turn the heat on/off, will make its use accessible. More interesting, the machine has an automatic shut-off after every 15 minutes. Plus, its portable with home AC adapter and DC adapter, three-year warranty.

  • Advantages:

It’s a new premium quality massager. The massager is portable with long-life performance. It is also easy to operate since it has buttons to control the massage direction and heat. Massage your body through deep-kneading with eight kneading nodes to relax your entire body.

Most of the customers are pleased since it’s easy to operate and more interesting they get a thorough massage for the whole of the body. Surprisingly, the pricing is affordable to all.


  • Has eight kneading node
  • Two massage direction; control with a button
  • Automatic shut-off after 15 minutes
  • Three-year warranty

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7. Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Improve your well-being with a good massage on your back, shoulder, leg, foot, and neck are with Naipo shiatsu electric massager. Naipo Shiatsu back and neck massager allows you to get a relieving massage day all through at home, in the car or even at the office. It features with 3d eight kneading nodes to relieve the fatigue from the muscle. Massage speed is adjustable to three levels; low medium and high to your preference.

Plus, advanced heat function is included with a button to give the massage thus enhancing blood circulation and more relaxed feeling. Naipo heating back massagers are U-shaped to fit well on the chair (home, car seat or office), has a removable dustproof bag easy to clean and auto shut-off in 20 minutes.

  • Advantages:

Massage speed is adjustable to three levels; low, medium and high. It gives in-depth kneading massage to the eight 3D massage nodes that change direction. The back massager seat is U-shaped for a secure fit on the chair. This massager certified for safety, portable with dust free easy to clean bag.

Customers are most excited by the ergonomic U-design which fits comfortably on the chair and also the fact that the product has been certified for safety makes then get a feeling of protection.


  • Has dust-proof bag cloth easy to clean
  • Eight 3D kneading nodes
  • Ergonomic U-design
  • Automated shut-off after 20 minutes
  • Three adjustable speed levels

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6. Naturalico Shiatsu Electric Massager

Taste a spa-quality massage right from your home after a long hard day with this shiatsu four-node Naturalico massager. Additionally, the massager provides deep muscle relaxation mostly for shoulders, back and neck to fight fatigue and day worries.

Naturalico heated back, and neck massager has a unique handheld design, lightweight and portable. Therefore, it helps work out the hard-to-reach point on your back.

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This massager offers therapeutic massage in different directions, and the soothing heat adds up everything enhancing the functionally and included are power Ac adapter and car adapter.

  • Advantages:

It’s perfect for to massage neck, back and shoulders. Has a unique hand-held design, lightweight for easy use to reach hard-to-reach points. As a result, it gives quality shiatsu massage with four-node kneading nodes and above also can be used from home, car or workplace.

Customers have shown much interest in the massager giving it a five-star rating and are excited by its ergonomic design; making it easy to use.


  • Lightweight, portable
  • Unique hand-held design
  • Works bests for back, shoulders and neck knots
  • Four-kneading nodes

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5. Gideon™ Seat Cushion Vibrating Massager

Your search for the best electric massager ends with Gideon seat cushion vibrating massager. Heating-therapy Gideon massager features 10 vibrating points which penetrate deep into the muscle making then flexible and stress-free. With the massager, you will choose precise massaging points; upper back, lower back, hips, and thighs or full massage depending on how you wish. Not only do you customize the massage points but also it has four massage mode (pulsate, tapping, rolling and kneading) and intensity settings to get perfect results.

Additionally, the massager has an easy-to-use corded hand control keypad that allows you to choose and control functions. Plus, has a strapping system to attach the massager to nay seat and hold in a stable position, Ac outlet, and DC car plug/cables.

  • Advantages:

Featured with easy-to-use hand control keypad to control and choose functions. Designed with straps that are used to attach it to any seat and hold it firm. It offers customizable four-message modes and intensities settings for best results. It features ten vibrating points with precise massaging points for deep and relaxing massage.

Wonderful! This is how most buyers are saying about the massager. They are interested in its easy-to-use design which makes their massage experience entertaining and fun than before.


  • Easy-to-use corded hand keypad
  • Strapping system for attachment to any seat
  • Have ten vibrating points
  • Four massage mode and intensity settings

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4. Gideon™ Shiatsu Deep Kneading Massage Pillow

Looking for an electric massager to relax at home, car or office? GideonTM shiatsu deep kneading massager pillow is all you need. This massager has four specially designed 3D rotating massage nodes that mimic the specialist hands giving you an in-depth penetration to release pain, tension, and knots from the body muscles.

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Besides the massage nodes, heat function feature which offers therapeutic warm, soothing heat to help unwind from the extreme muscle fatigue.

With Gideon shiatsu portable back massagers, you can position it at different areas on your chair, desk or even bed to reach various parts of the back/ neck and also the massage intensity is controllable by how hard you press against it. The pillow has a stretchable strap to attach it firmly whenever you are using it.

A bonus has easy-to-use corded hand control allowing you customize your experience, AC power plug, and DC car adapter.

  • Advantages:

It can be used for home, office or car as it has a stretchable strap to attach it firmly to chairs. It mimics human hand to massage giving a deep penetration massage to release muscles with 3D kneading nodes. Allow you be in command of all function thanks to the corded hand control keypad.

consequently, customers are also amazed by its low cost for such a high-quality product, and its customizable use makes then praise it more.


  • Corded-hand control keypad
  • Mimic therapist hands with 3D four kneading nodes
  • Stretchable strap to attach to chairs
  • Massage spot and intensity ate customizable

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3. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Therapeutic Electric Massager

Just like its name suggests,  the therapeutic electric massager can be used for healing process as helps to relieve muscle soreness, stiffness, stress or chronic pain associated with arthritis. Wahl electric massager is ergonomically designed to use on upper and lower back, legs, arms, feet, and its portable anywhere you go. Feature variable massage intensities from deep to soft, and gentle massages.

Also, the Wahl massager has an exceptional motor with up to 3,350 pulses/ minute, features four massage heads with four finger flex nodes which resemble the masseuse’s hands which help in breaking the muscle pains. It has a new extra full flat disc that provides a larger surface for considerable area coverage.

  • Advantages:

It’s fast and easy to use in home/office massaging. The massager has a robust motor system operating at 3350 pulses per minute. It has finger flex attachments which act like masseuse’s hand to help improve its functionality. It is used for therapeutic purpose.

Moreover, customers show satisfaction with this product since has been designed keeping the customer’s preference and safety in consideration.


  • Four finger flex attachments hat replicate masseuse’s hand
  • Used for therapeutic purpose
  • Easy to use
  • It has new extra-large flat disc for large areas.
  • Powerful motor: 3350 pulses/ minute

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2. FIVE STAR FIVE S FS8812 10-Motor Vibration Massage Seat Cushion

Unlike other products, this massager offers only vibration massages with ten motor vibration massage cushion for the neck, back, and thigh. Adjust the massage modes to four different ways/zones; upper back, middle back, lower back as well as the thighs. The operation speed is customizable with an auto shut-off after 30 minutes. The vibrations can be combined with heat which is independently controlled with an on/off button to give superior functionality.

Plus, you can navigate between the four massage programs with a controller or cycle through all of them automatically. Moreover, the massager is portable with a 3-year warranty.

  • Advantages:

Massage with 10 motor vibrations only. Have four massage zones and three-speed levels that gives perfect results. The massager also allows different zones to four different areas enabling thorough touch to the entire back. Especially, It’s portable and affordable.

In addition to this, the massager has been a great satisfaction to the customers who don’t like shiatsu massage and its improved working time; 30 minutes. Therefore, it will give users enjoyable massage experience.


  • Offer non-shiatsu massage; only vibration massage
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes
  • Has four massage programs, massage zones, and three-speed levels
  • Portable and affordable, 3-years warrant

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1. Zyllion ZMA13BK Shiatsu Pillow Massager

If you are seeking stress relief from an electric massager, got neck, shoulder or back pain and muscle fatigue/ poor blood circulation; therefore, Zyllion ZMA13BK shiatsu massager brings your search to a halt. Due to the massager kneads out all back pain, muscle fatigue, tension and knots with four massage nodes in combination with heat massaging.  Besides, the 3D massage nodes automatically change their direction every minute.

With an ergonomic, compact design, you can carry the massager anywhere and have added multipurpose handle straps or use for firm attachment on the seat. More reasons why you need it, it’s equipped with overheat protection device, set for 20-minute auto shut-off to ensure safety and has 90-day money refund guarantee plus1-year warranty.

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  • Advantages:

It also has a compact design, lightweight and easily portable. It provides shiatsu kneading massage with heat therapy for proper muscle relieve. Furthermore, the back massagers handheld have multipurpose straps for attachment on the seat and allow easy handling. Therefore, you got full protection with the overheat protection devices included and also set auto shut-off after 20 minutes.

As a result, the massager has got a five-star rating from most of the buyers for its exceptional performance from its easy use and portability.


  • Overheat protection device
  • Has multipurpose straps; comfortable handle, attachment on seat
  • Provides kneading shiatsu massage
  • Auto shut-off in 20 minutes
  • 90-day money refund guarantee,1-year warranty
  • Electric Massagers

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In conclusion, you got all that you need about electric massagers to help you live a stress-free healthy life after hard days at home.


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