Best Curtain Rods in 2020 Reviews

Updating your house is now easy and only requires simple touches, and it looks fantastic by just using curtains. Now, the way you hang your curtains determines how they will impact your house decor. Having an idea of installing long or double curtain rod will significantly improve your overall house look and ease your installation. Get our hand-picked top 10 best curtain rods in 2020 reviews which will allow you to give your house a sure look.

10. Bali Blinds 5/8 Inch Ball Cafe Rod Set

Bali Blinds 5:8 Inch Ball Cafe Rod Set, 28-48 Inch


  • Adjustable length
  • Mounting accessories included
  • 5/8 inch diameter

The Bali ball cafe rod set is an absolute selection when it comes to keeping your house looking elegant. It is a heavy-duty rod which can support all curtains due to the adjusting nature. Therefore, whether you have large windows or small ones, it is a perfect choice. In fact, it can adjust from 28 – 48 inches.

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Now, when it comes to installation, there is no struggling, this rod is available with all the necessary mounting brackets. As a result, you don’t need a technician to install. When fixing, the Bali Blind ball cafe is excellent in ensuring that you can do it on the ceiling or the wall.

On the other hand, when installed, this rod not only it eases hanging your curtains. But, it is also in enhancing your decor. Having a beautiful finish, and decorative balls, the rod is an absolute choice for your windows.


  • Easy to mount brackets
  • Decorative ball design
  • Great for any house decor

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9. Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Rod

Achim Home Furnishings Buono II Rod, 28 - 48 Inch Adjustable


  • Cream finished PVC finials
  • 0.75-inch diameter
  • Telescopic; 28-48 inch
  • Installation bracket included

When you need to give your room a perfect uplift, the Buono II is the right curtain rod to select. Featuring a heavy-duty construction, this curtain rod will never disappoint.

Created with cream finished PVC finials, it gives your point of installation an elegant appearance. Thereby, you can be confident when fixing it on your windows.

With regard to the thickness, this rod measures 0.75 inch, which is ideal for supporting even the weighted curtains. This is due to a thick profile construction measuring .075 inch. Besides, the telescopic nature ensures that it stretched from 28 to 48 inches. Thereby, even with large sized windows, it can correctly fit.

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There is no more headache when it comes to mounting the Buono II curtain rod. It comes backed by the mounting gear. This eliminates the need to buy separate installation accessories. The rod comes with all brackets which allow installation into the wall or ceiling. Amazingly, the bracket can also extend between 3.5-4 inches.


  • Great for wall and ceiling installation
  • Available in different installation sizes
  • Perfect for all house decors

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8. Umbra Twilight Room-Darkening Curtain Rod

Umbra Twilight Room-Darkening Curtain Rod, 28 to 48-Inch, Matte Nickel


  • Modern design construction
  • Quick installation
  • Sturdy material

With Umbra twilight curtain rod, the search for a durable curtain hanger is over. This one is professionally designed to ensure that you can use it while enjoying a classic look.

Created from high-quality metal which delivers a matte nickel finish. Additionally, the rod is extra strong, thus great for heavy curtains weighing up to 22 pounds.

Hanging your curtains is easy, bearing in mind that this rod has a .75 inc diameter hence great for fitting all curtain designs. Furthermore, the ability to adjust fro 28-48 inches, ensures that it can be mounted on any sized window and is great for installing on ceilings. The mounting end can extend up to 3 inches from the wall.

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The quality of this curtain rod is excellent and is aimed at lasting for an extended period. This rod is super durable and supports even the long and heavy curtains without bending. This ensures you can use heavy duty curtains for outdoor noise reduction as well as light limiting.


  • High-quality metal construction
  • Can support heavy and long curtains
  • Extra long mounting brackets

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7. Decopolitan Window Treatment Rod Set

Decopolitan Window Treatment Rod Set, 36 to 72-Inch, 7:8-Inch End Cap


  • Elegant copper finish
  • Strong steel construction
  • Supports heavy fabric curtains
  • Adjustable end caps

If you are a house owner, the best ways to give your home a beautiful treat is to get Decopolitan window treatment rod. This is not a trial and error curtain rod. It is specifically designed to ensure you can use any of curtain even the heavy ones. Therefore, even when you want to curtail light entirely, it allows the use of heavy duty curtains.

When you consider the beauty, this rod is one of the best you can choose. It has a stylish copper finish which is excellent in keeping your house looking attractive. Hence, using any curtain finish or house decor, the rod will perfectly fit.

Unlike other rods which are designed with complicated installation brackets, this one is straightforward to fix on the wall. The manufacturer has included all the essential mounting accessories thus convenient and easy without the need of an expert. With a sturdy steel construction, it means that you can rely on it to bring a lasting solution to your curtain fixing needs.


  • Steel construction elongates durability
  • Straightforward installation
  • Can mix with any decor

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6. Kenney Glendale Window Curtain Telescopic Rod

Kenney Glendale Window Curtain Telescopic Rod, 28 to 48-Inch


  • Highly decorative
  • Sleek cocoa finish
  • Resin Finials

Getting a perfect complement in your house can be using ideal curtains and curtain rods. The Kenney Glendale curtain rod is a perfect choice for your home. Manufactured featuring a dark brown cocoa finish, it absolutely compacts with every decor thus keeping your room feeling attractive. Thereby, you don’t have to worry about the compatibility with your house finish.

The construction of this rod is designed to ensure that it can support all lightweight and medium weighted curtails. Boasting 5/8 inch thickness, it can remain in shape for a long time without causing curtains to sag. This gives it an upper hand than rivals which tends to bend at the center due to curtain weight.

Apart from decoration, the rod is excellent in enhancing the ease of installation. Despite the metallic rod constitution, the edges are made from a sturdy resin. This ensures that you can mount it without requiring a technician. This is further hampered by the easy to follow instruction. The rod is telescopic and can adjust from 28-48 inches.


  • Exceptional cocoa finish
  • Durable resin ends easing installation
  • Can complement any room decor
  • Stays intact without bending

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5. Kenney Ball End Double Curtain Rod

Kenney Ball End Double Curtain Rod, 66 - 120-Inch


  • Double walled rods
  • Great matte black finish
  • Telescopic: 66-120 inch

If you think of getting ideal curtain rod for all your curtain hanging requirements, Kenney ball double rod is one of the outstanding consideration. Featuring 5/8 inch diameter, it enables you to attach your curtains using the standard rings hassle free. Depending on the size of your windows, this rod is adjustable 66-120 inch thereby highly versatile.

Now, forget about other rods, this one comes with double rods. This allows you to combine different types of curtains. This means you don’t need to install two rods. Therefore, it is possible to hang light enhancing curtain and dark inducing curtain without removing one.

Despite the rod looking complicated to install, it is a piece of cake. It features mounting brackets. These accessories are designed to ensure proper rods alignment without complications. It is a good option for a variety of installation like table rooms, bathrooms and other places needing privacy. The rod is excellent in adjustability since it can stretch from 66 inches to 120 inches.


  • Allow use of more than one curtains
  • Great option for enhancing privacy
  • Curtain friendly resin finials

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4. Kenney Chelsea Ball Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Chelsea Ball Window Curtain Rod, 28 - 48 Inch


  • Metal and resin construction
  • Installation hardware included
  • Decorative black finish

Forget the cheap curtain rods which compromise your look when you hang heavy curtains. The Chelsea ball window curtain rod from Kenney is the ultimate choice when you want to update your curtains in the house. The rod is premium made to support all light and medium curtains without causing curving due to weight due to a strong metal with 5/8 thickness.

Unlike other rods which causes curtain damage due to sharp edges, with this one is enhanced with a resin finials. They give it smooth nature which can cause fabric damage. Also, these terminals are easy to install which allows it to easy to fix to everyone. Furthermore, wit ability to stretch, it proves useful to every hone whether with large or small windows.

The versatility of this rod is fantastic. It can be used in a range of curtains such as pockets, back tab, and tab top curtains. With included mounting hardware and installation instructions, you will find it easy to fix. Above all the Chelsea window curtain rod is a right choice for a variety of places like bathroom, dining rooms among others.


  • Easy to install with included manuals
  • Ideal for a variety of installations
  • Extended mounting brackets

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3. RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain Rod

RoomDividersNow Premium Tension Curtain Rod, 80-120 Inch


  • Versatile fitting
  • Strong attachments
  • Quick installation

Installing curtain rod can be a nightmare with some brands. But, you should not experience any inconvenient again when you want to mount a curtain rod in your home. Having the RoomDividersNow curtain rod, it provides a minute job installation even without requiring any tool.

Unlike other rods, this one is easy to adjust due to the Incorporated spring. It can stretch from 80 to 120 inches hence great for mounting in all desired places.

Mounting this one is smooth and perfect due to the rubber end pads which provides a clean and perfect installation process. This means that once the rod is installed, it cant move due to the weight of the curtain. On the other hand, the rod itself is made from hardened steel which makes sure it doesn’t bend due to curtain weight. With improve portability, it means that you can carry it whenever you are on the move.


  • Excellent choice for a large area up to 10 feet
  • Hardened steel doesn’t break or bend
  • Ideal for clothes and room dividers

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2. Kenney Beckett Window Curtain Rod

Kenney Beckett Window Curtain Rod


  • Decorative bronze cast resin finials
  • Dark brown finish
  • 3-inch long wall brackets

With Kenney curtain rods, you will never experience problems when hanging your curtains. They are created by professionals who have been manufacturing curtain hanging accessories for a long time. One of their best curtain rods you can get is this Beckett rod for fitting in all your windows. This is because it can adjust from 46 to 86 inches without hassles.

To be able to support medium and lightweight curtains, this rod is designed featuring a durable and lightweight materials. The rod is made from sturdy aluminum whereas the finials feature a beautiful bronze finished resin. This means that it is incredibly light and will support a variety of curtains without collapsing.

On the other hand, bearing a diameter of 5/8 inch, it comfortably fits in the curtain rings smoothly. So, there is no modification needed. The Kenney Beckett window curtain is cheap and highly affordable compared its performance thus an outstanding choice for every home. It is highly recommendable for use with lightweight and medium curtains.


  • Highly affordable
  • Attractive finish
  • Strong and lightweight aluminum rod
  • Best Seller in Single Window Rods

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1. Decopolitan 1 inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set

Decopolitan 1 inch Urn Single Window Treatment Rod Set, 72 -144 Inch


  • Adjustable; 72-144 inch
  • Decorative scroll brackets
  • Steel construction

Keeping house looking elegant and exceptional is not hard nowadays, all you need to have is this curtain rod from Decopolitan. Designed by experts, this is one of the ideal choices you can make to give your house a fantastic update. Equipped by with decorative brackets, this curtain rod set is perfect to fit any decor.

Now, you don’t have to worry about the size of your windows. With this rod, it brings ease of installation due to the ability to adjust from 72 to 144 inches. This means that, besides using in windows, it’s usable in other places which need dividing using curtains.

Apart from being decorative, the Decopolitan curtain rod is excellent since it comes with everything you need to mount. Backed by the all mounting accessories, this rod is smooth to fix and you won’t need an expert. Furthermore, it is exceptional since it is designed for heavy fabrics, and perfectly coordinates with double rod set.


  • Ideal for heavy fabric curtains
  • Compatible with multiple windows within a room
  • Coordinates with double rod set

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There is no need to struggle in the hands of inferior curtain rods. Nowadays, we have premium ones like above which are dedicated to keeping your house looking awesome.


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