Best Crossbow Broadheads Review In 2020

Whether you love them for hunting or archery, crossbows are excellent for use outdoors. They have a long history, and people have adopted them for various applications. For the crossbow to work correctly, broadheads need to be sharp and in excellent condition.

They come in different sizes, designed and materials. It is that reason we have provided top 10 crossbow broadheads in 2019 for your buying convenience.

10 Best Crossbow Broadheads – Top Pickups

10- G5 Outdoors Montec Steel Premium Crossbow Fixed Broadheads

G5 Outdoors Montec Steel Premium Crossbow Fixed Broadheads

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G5 Outdoors Montec fixed broadhead is the real hunting accessory you need and enjoy your time. Made by experts, the broadhead is outstanding and unmatched to rivals. Perfected design means there is no assembling and brings stress-free fixing.

The Montec crossbow broadhead is one of the top performing and reliable by hunters and archers. Amazingly, the arrowhead is available in 100 or 125 grades. This gives it an outstanding performance to ensure you get accurate and consistent shots.

Well, forget about the other heads that have different parts assembling. With this one, it comes featuring single piece construction. This fool-proof design is ideal as it features all steel rendering this arrowhead perfect for high impact.

Apart from being solid, it’s 100% spin tested to maximize flight. Moreover, the streamlined design allows enhanced speed and impact for maximum wound infliction. With no assembling needed, using it is simple. Furthermore, the smooth screwing and use are outstanding for all users.


  • Pure steel
  • Simple attachment
  • Enhanced accuracy
  • Assembly free

9- Grim Reaper X-Bow Mech Broadhead RT 1½ -Inch Cut 3 Bld 100gr

Best Crossbow Broadheads

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Hunting or training to shoot using a crossbow is a great moment. Investing in a good broadhead is the best option. The Grim Reaper X-Bow broadhead is a good option made by experts for maximum shooting experience.

It’s not like any other broadhead you can think of. This Grim Reaper X-bow broadhead is unique and specially made to bring a new experience. The 3 blade arrowhead is highly efficient in bring down your targets when hunting. Besides, it offers a comfortable time when following your prey after shooting it.

The designing of this broadhead boast premium material and high construction. This means it can be used for high-speed shooting without breaking. The blades have super sharp and thin edges that improve the penetrating power of this broadhead. Featuring all metal construction, it is durable and great for improved flight.

Unlike other conventional arrowheads, this one has a larger diameter of 1.5-inch. As a result, it delivers large wound for fast killing. Moreover, its ideal for the crossbow and high compound bows without experiencing damage.


  • High bows compatibility
  • Great flying distance
  • Fast animal killing ability
  • Larger diameter than rivals

8- Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow 3 Blade Broadheads

Muzzy Bowhunting Trocar Crossbow 3 Blade Broadheads

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Hunting or shooting using a crossbow is a fantastic session. But, you can only enjoy great time by getting high-quality broadhead. The Muzzy bowhunting 3 blade arrowhead is an excellent choice that enables you to love hunting even more.

If you love getting reliable products, you can be sure this broadhead by Muzzy is one of them. Its am an all-metal head with 3 extra sharp blades. Compared to single or double blades, this one has excellent penetrating ability, hence the perfect choice for all hunting purposes.

To make sure accurate and effective shooting, the head has an aerodynamic design. Moreover, the ferrule technology is outstanding in improving the arrowhead action. With blades having 0.035-inch thickness, they are super sharp and experiences less resistance when penetrating.

The fixing of this broadhead is simple. You just need to screw it and enjoy fast action. Featuring 100 grain, the head has a cutting diameter of 1 3/16-inch. The sturdy construction lets you enjoy excellent training as well as real shooting with high accuracy.


  • All steel construction
  • Ideal for versatile use
  • Straight flight
  • Easy to track

7- Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead

Carbon Express XT Dual Blade Serrated Crossbow Broadhead

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For better shooting experience, a premium broadhead is the solution. Carbon Express is one of the accurate and ideal choices when it comes to hunting. With serrated blades, six cutting edges and stable structure, you get perfect prey kill in one shot.

It’s one of the highly reliable and effective broadheads that gives a sure kill. Unlike other broadheads, this one features serrated blades; this increases the wound hence enabling fast prey termination. In fact, the arrowhead boasts up to 250 percent greater wound. Moreover, the six cutting edges improve its efficiency.

Despite this arrowhead being effective, it has extra sharp blades with 0.058 inches thickness. On the other hand, with 1 3/16″ cutting diameter is perfect for facilitating fast animal felling. Unlike other conventional heads, this has a combination of stainless steel and airplane grade aluminum.

Well, when shooting bolts fitted with this arrowhead, it has high accuracy and speed. This is because of the precision design as well as spin testing. This maximizes the speed and impact for maximum damage.


  • High impact and damage
  • Long-lasting sharp blade
  • Excellent aluminum and carbon crossbow bolts

6- Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead

Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain 3-Blade Broadhead

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For a guaranteed shooting accuracy and practical shooting, high-quality broadhead is needed. One of the best arrowheads you can invest in is this 150 grain Excalibur Boltcutter. It uniquely designed and provides unrivaled penetration.

Without doubts, these broadheads by Excalibur Boltcutter are made to give you unmatched hunting experience. They are unique and made from premium materials. Despite the being double bladed, the arrowheads are useful. This is due to razor-sharp blades that improve penetration ability.

Well, the study body made of steel is the best part when it comes to these blades. Unlike others that come with weak plastic parts, these feature full metal construction. As a result, you can have confidence when shooting. Also, they don’t break easily, hence improved durability. Amazingly, the heads have 150 grain and 1-1/16 cutting diameter.

Well, if you love hunting, these broadheads are perfectly dedicated for that. The sturdy steel construction means they can withstand high impact without breaking. In connection to that, they are the perfect choice for use with high-speed hunting crossbow.


  • Full metal construction
  • High-speed action
  • Unrivaled penetration
  • High accuracy

5- GPP125 Grain Fixed Three Blade Broadheads

Best Crossbow Broadheads

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Having trouble with your current broadheads? It’s time to forget about the inferior ones by getting this 125-grain broadhead by GPP. They are sturdy and offers high precision to ensure your hunting becomes enjoyable. With full hard metal designing, there is no chance of flops when shooting your prey.

Inferior bolts should not dull the love of shooting a crossbow. What you need is to check for reliable and high-quality arrowheads and enjoy the outstanding performance. The GPP 3 blade broadheads are meant for hunting and shooting enthusiasts. The strong and sharp blades offer high penetration. Also, super sharp edges facilitate this.

When you want to fit these heads in your arrow, it is a simple operation. They are easy to screw with hands hence ideal for use anywhere. Moreover, the screwing enables you to enjoy easy micro adjusting.

Well, once you opt to buy these broadheads, they ensure you get excellent performance. With each pack containing 6 pieces, it means you can enjoy shooting without limit. Amazingly, each arrowhead has 3 blades, 1.035 inches Wide 2.817 inches long.


  • Heavy-duty blades
  • Hardened blade tips
  • Easy adjustment
  • Remarkable compatibility

4- Huntingdoor 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 Grain for Compound Bow and Crossbow

Huntingdoor 3 Fixed Blade Archery Broadheads 125 Grain for Compound Bow and Crossbow

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Fit for compound bow and crossbow, Huntingdoor archery broadhead is a good idea. Designed for archery or hunting, it’s strong and super sharp, for great convenience. Moreover, the pack of 3 broadheads gives you value for your money. The durable steel means a long time of use before deciding to get a new pack.

Tired of buying broadheads every month or week? You need to get heavy-duty ones and avoid inconveniences. These arrowheads from Huntingdoor are carefully made to give users extended time of use without compromising the performance.

Unlike the cheap ones, these boast exceptional strength and durability due to steel construction. Moreover, the 125 grain 3 blades are extra sharp and robust to deliver high penetration.

Apart from enjoying great flight, the heads are versatile. They are compatible with most arrows like crossbow bolts and compound bow arrows. The combination of sharp blades and fast flight allows you to bring down the prey fast.

Amazingly, using these arrowheads is simple than you can imagine. They are simple to fix by yourself without requiring any tool or complicated procedures.

Whether you love crossbows for hunting or shooting, these heads allow you to enjoy to the maximum. The easy fitting plus high versatility lets you chose the right activity on the hands. Boasting 12 broadheads in a single pack, they are great and provides the value for your money. Moreover, the heads are 2.8 long, and 1.035 inches Wide for great penetration and overall performance.


  • High arrows compatibility
  • Improves shooting precision
  • Reasonably priced
  • High piercing power

3- Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series 2 Blade Mechanical Broadheads

Rage Bowhunting Xtreme Series 2 Blade Mechanical Broadheads

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Range is known for the reliability and the production of high tech products. Notably, in the lethal technology, they have been in the forefront in the innovations. Among the best products from the company is these Xtreme series of bowhunting broadheads. They are powerful, sharp and highly reliable.

Your shooting or hunting just got cool with these broadheads. They are manufactured by experts to bring legendary precision and reliability. Unlike other unreliable an cheap arrowheads, these Xtreme series gives you unmatched performance. With their 2 blades design, it reduces overall weight while improving aerodynamics and flight speed.

The other features that make these broadheads perfect are the innovative FAT tech. The ferrule alignment technology is the key thing that gives these arrowheads great penetrative and flying power. This means, once you shoot the bolt, it will achieve high speed cutting through the air with least resistance.

Once you get these broadheads, they bring great experience. They are highly sharp with a 0.35-inch blade with 2.3 inches cutting diameter. Made of stainless steel, there is no corrosion or rust hence you enjoy long time performance. The extra training broadhead gives you a chance to sharpen your skills.


  • Consistent flying distance
  • Accurate shooting
  • Great penetration

2- Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip, 75, 100 or 125 Grain

Muzzy Bowhunting Broadheads 3 Blades Trocar Tip, 75, 100 or 125 Grain

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The need for a good crossbow, there is no doubt you need to select the premium one. Muzzy is one of the great makers of crossbows and other accessories. Known for high-quality products, you can enjoy using their products for hunting, and other recreational activities.

When you think about getting this pack of bowhunting broadheads, the performance is a guarantee. The construction features high-quality steel that is super hard.

Unlike the other broadheads, this means you can use them for various tasks with peace of mind. With weighted construction, these heads allow the bow arrow to achieve high propulsion and enhanced penetration.

The designing also features standard 3 blades. The blades allow the broadhead to achieve ideal penetration. Also, they are designed with standard inserts. On the other hand, these heads with 0.20 inches with 1-1/16 inch cutting diameter on 100 or 125 grain. Moreover, the blades come in 1-inch cutting diameter on 75grain.

When you get this pack, it excellent for veterans or newbies; it comes featuring a combination of training blades. This means you can enjoy a great time without damaging the real shooting blade. The razor sharp edges are also perfect and offer an easy time when sharpening.


  • Super sharp steel blades
  • Training broadhead included
  • High compatibility
  • Enhanced fast flight

1- Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead

Rage Bowhunting CrossbowX Mechanical Broadhead

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Well, when you want to experience high precision and performance, perfect broadhead is mandatory. Range bowhunting mechanical broadhead is one of the best options you can choose. The X shaped broadhead ensures the arrow get fast action as well as outstanding precision.

One of the reasons you should have this broadhead is the outstanding precision. Unlike other brands, this one enjoys precision to enable you to hit your target. The weighty head with aerodynamic shape reduces the resistance. This means once shot, it enjoys unopposed flight.

Another feature that makes this arrowhead an excellent choice is sturdy construction. The body features stainless steel blade that is resistant to corrosion. Moreover, it becomes easy to sharpen for improved penetrating ability. The blade enjoys 2 inches cutting diameters at 100 and 125 grans.

The featuring ferrule alignment technology in the construction lets arrowhead to enjoy greater blade retention. With collar shock technology, it offers you great arrow flight and blade of retaining ability. With the pack containing 3 broadheads, and a free training head, everyone can enjoy using these bullet heads.


  • Aerodynamically designed
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Razor sharp blades

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