Best Coffee Cup Warmers Review In 2020

Having a reliable coffee cup warmer in your home or office enables you have   easy time accessing warm beverage.

These devices are compact which renders them versatile and easy to carry.  But, how do you find the best coffee mug warmers? It’s simple if only you check these top 10 best cup warmers in 2020 reviews.

Author Pick!

Bellemain Desktop Cup Warmer for Coffee

My best rating goes to a product by the name Bellemain Desktop Cup Warmer. Just by appearance, you will appreciate that the design will complement any space in your home or working space. And, when you look at the performance, you will appreciate the fact that this device is ideal for warming different beverages. Other reasons why I came to this conclusion include:

  • After reading customers testimonials, I was left with the same conclusion since different people point out on similar advantages of using this device.
  • And, I decided to buy one just to test my curiosity, but before I knew it, I had already fallen in Love with this coffee mug warmer, and I now use it whenever I need some warm coffee.

10 Best Coffee Cup Warmers – Top Pickups

10- COSORI Premium Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer, 24Watt

COSORI Premium Stainless Steel Coffee Mug Warmer, 24Watt

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Are you searching for the best warm companion for your cup? Well, Cosori premium coffee mug warmer is all you need. It features an intelligent technology that lets you do little but enjoy to the fullest. With its sleek construction, this device is a perfect addition to your office desk or any other working platform.

So, keeping your coffee at constant temperature has never been this easier. Try colour premium coffee mug warmer and experience a new way to keep your mods rejuvenated. Looking at the various features incorporated into the design, it is true that this device is a sure way of providing a premium level of satisfaction.

It features a smart design with a flat bottom to ensure that your mug has full and efficient contact. It has a perfect temperature control system which allows cooling of hot beverage as well as heating up the drink to temperature as a high as 55 degrees Celsius.

As if that’s nothing, this mug warmer uses an intelligent memory function which can help you remember, your last warming targets and allows you to control the heating process according to one’s needs and preferences.

Also, the brushed stainless steel exterior layer helps to keep your drink warm and also aids in durability.


  • Solid and stable
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety features

9- Norpro Decorative coffee Cup Warmer

Best Coffee Cup Warmers

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Being a product of Norpo, this kitchenware offers an unmatched level of customer’s satisfaction. With several decades of experience, Norpo has continued to integrate innovative ideas to ensure that the customers find the right kitchenware right and compatible with their budget.

On the same note, we have these coffee cup warmers with lots of unique features to offer. Made of superior materials and elite level craftsmanship, this mug warmer with surely transform the way you’ve been enjoying your beverage.

This mug warmer boasts a versatile design that is great for kitchen, office, cubicles or travel. It uses special heated plates which allow efficient heating of average without causing any fault.

Besides, it is great for coffee, cocoa, tea among other hot beverages.  Moreover, the heating element is also made of nonstick materials which facilitate fast cleaning. The power cord measures 60 inches which give you a longer reach. And, therefore, aids inconvenience of use. It is UL approved and uses just 24 watts.


  • Smart design
  • Smooth exterior for fast cleaning
  • Power indicator light
  • Nonstick materials

8- Nicelucky Beverage Warmer, Coffee Mug Warmer

Nicelucky Beverage Warmer, Coffee Mug Warmer

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Despite its compact design, this mug warmer offers sophisticated performance to ensure that you enjoy warm beverage any time you need it. It is made for all seasons and is ideal for home, office or travel. Besides, it uses less power compared to other cup warmers we’ve on the market today.

Also, it is made of durable and easy to clean materials which ensure that you enjoy using it with any beverage. However, it delivers superior performance when hating coffee making it one of the best.

This device allows you to warm your beverage without waiting for too long. Also, it enhances a very safe performance to ensure that the user isn’t put at any risk. Thanks to the innovative technology which uses the process of micro induction which also features an integrated shut on and off mechanism.

You just need to place the cup on the heating platform when you want some warm beverage, and similarly, you remove the mug from the surface, and the device will automatically cool down.

Besides, this device is compatible with various materials such as tile, ceramic, metal, glassware and high-temperature plastic. So, you don’t have any limitation reading the material of the mug that you are using.


  • Automatic shut and off mechanism
  • Accepts all types of materials
  • Sleek and elegant design

7- Mr. Coffee MWBLKPDQ-RB Mug Warmer for Office and Home Use

Mr. Coffee MWBLKPDQ-RB Mug Warmer for Office and Home Use

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Some situations call for a hot cup of coffee when actually there is no one to serve you. But, you don’t have to despair since you can still serve yourself with a cup of warm coffee. And, it doesn’t matter where you are, but the fact remains that, coffee mug warmer is a lifesaver.

With many decades of experience, Mr Coffee has been specializing in brewing coffee. Up to date, this is a renowned brand of coffee product and accessories. Equally, this is a cup warmer from the same company and brings some fantastic features to make your life better.

It is time you stop worrying about your cup of coffee going cold. With this device from Mr Coffee, everything is under control. You can keep the coffee or tea warm or just heat it up at any time and your convenience.

It has a smart design with a light indicator which notifies when the beverage gets hot. Also, it has an extended power cord length which allows you to use at any corner of your addition; it has a smooth brushed external surface that is very easy to clean.


  • Reasonable price
  • Strong and sturdy platform
  • Automatic on/off function

6- Home-X Mug Warmer, Desktop- Heated warmer for Coffee and Tea

Home-X Mug Warmer, Desktop- Heated warmer for Coffee and Tea

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You no longer have to drink your coffee or tea immediately after you are served. Well, you might be held up by a tight schedule which may hinder you from drinking the beverage when it is still hot. But does it mean you will be forced to drink it when it is cold?

At the convenience of your work program, Home X mug warmer allows fast heating of your beverage without wasting any second. That’s the power of technology, and you’ve to embrace how it eases your lifestyle.

Besides, you can just put your beverage on this device and choose a constant temperature to keep your drink warm, ready for drinking.

This one features lightweight plastic body which is also elegant to complement your tabletop surface. Besides, the plastic material’s thick and durable and hence forms a sturdy base to keep the beverage safe.

It offers 3.3 inches heating space which is compatible with various mug sizes. However, its use is limited to ceramic and glass mugs. Despite this limitation, the device supports tea, coffee, sauces, gravies, cocoa among other beverages.


  • LED indicator light
  • Extended power cord
  • Energy efficient
  • Low profile and sleek design

5- Salton Mug Warmer, SMW12 cup warmer, White

Best Coffee Cup Warmers

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Do you want to brighten up your day with a tasty warm cup of coffee? Now, you need to have a high-performance mug warmer. This one by Salton is one of the best and most affordable mugs warmer to keep your coffee at ideal drinking temperature. It’s made of durable and strong materials to enhance a longer-lasting performance.

Unlike others in this line of competition, this device features a durable and heat resistant circuitry which enhances the impressive durability of the product.

Salton mug warmer features a compact and robust design which holds all cups perfectly. It has a light indicator which shows when the beverage is hot and ready. It has a long power cable measuring 4 feet which allow you to use the device at any corner of the room. Also, it wars candles safely without the formation of flames.

The on and off switch is perfectly illuminated, and the base has non slip materials to ensure maximum stability. It is ideal for tea, gravy, coffee, soup or any other food that is available in liquid form.


  • Sturdy base
  • Extended for feet cable
  • Ideal for all places and all liquids

4- Evelots Mug Warmers, Electric Cup, and Beverage Warmer, with Overheat resistant construction

Evelots Mug Warmers, Electric Cup, and Beverage Warmer, with Overheat resistant construction

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You never know when your body will be craving for some warm coffee. That said, you need to be prepared for a mug warmer. But, since not all coffee cups warmer are made the same, it would be practical to choose a top-rated brand such as this one from Evelots.

It is very safe to use and enhances fast performance to ensure you grasp a hot cup of coffee and get going with your business.

This mug warmer features a fantastic design that is ideal for home, office, travel or any other place. You just need to have a power source, connect your device and the cup warmer will do the rest for you.

It boasts a versatile design that is also ideal for warming wax. The design also features a LED light that accompanies the on and off function. For safety use of this mug warmer, the design features a very heat resistant function.

No matter how many cups you warm, this device will never overheat. This features accounts for the durability and efficient operation of the device.


  • Rigid design
  • Bright power indicator light
  • Affordable
  • Safety overheat resistant feature

3- TaoTens Coffee Warmer, with automatic thermostat function

TaoTens Coffee Warmer, with automatic thermostat function

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Taotens coffee warmer brings innovation into a reality enabling people to live happily. The design of this device looks beautiful, and the functionality is simple and intelligent.

You don’t have to be there to control this device; the smart thermostat technology allows precise and automatic heating function. Thanks to the application of micro induction technology, you can do other chores as the coffee gets warm, and once you remove the cup form the heating platform, the machine switches off and cool down.

With the integrated temperature control system, this device can either slow down the cooling speed of your coffee or increase it up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature for any beverage for you to drink safely and feel enjoyable.

Also, it as an intelligent on/off functionality, thanks to the micro induction technology. With 16 watts low power focusing, this device delivers fast and reliable heating. However, this device is suitable for ceramic, tile, metal, plastic, glassware and other forms of materials.


  • Reliable and fast heating
  • Long power cable
  • Intelligent auto on and off function
  • Low profile but strong design

2- OKcafe Coffee Mug Warmer, with Auto Shut Off

OKcafe Coffee Mug Warmer, with Auto Shut Off

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As the word seemingly implies, you will drink your beverage and feel okay as you appreciate the existence of OKcafe mug warmer. It gains a good reputation because the design supports multiple uses and features an intelligent automatic function.

It has efficient heating elements which can raise the temperature of your beverage up to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. That said, you can have your warm coffee whenever you want without nagging the caterer’s department.

And, the results of your endeavours will flourish profitably. Besides, this device is protected by overheat protection features and therefore, it has a long-lasting performance.

Going deeper and understanding the engineering behind the success of this mug warmer, you’ll first appreciate high-quality construction. Apparently, the device features temped panel material, which is waterproof and incredibly durable.

Regarding the electrical part of this equipment, you’ll e embraces the intelligent microgravity sensor and the 20 watts power input. It also features a light indicator that precisely shows when the gadget is on or off. Also, it is ideal for warming all liquid foods and beverages.


  • Elegant and strong design
  • Intelligent micro induction technology
  • Energy efficient
  • Cool touch design

1- Bellemain Desktop Cup Warmer for Coffee

Best Coffee Cup Warmers

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Have you ever thought there could be a device that warms more than five liquids? Well, this is what Bellemain cup warmer is all about. Many individuals use it for warming coffee, but recently people use it for warming a variety of liquids or beverages.

On the other hand, it features a beautiful design that makes every table a unique one. Besides, it consumes less power compared to the devices yet delivers the heating function quite effortlessly.

Don’t stress yourself wondering on the best way to warm your beverages. You just need this mug warmer by Bellemain. It is ideal for warming roasted coffee, scented candle, sauces, tea and other substances that are available in liquid form. When it comes to safety, this device is the number one priority.

And, it has been tested and approved for safety as it boasts nonslip and quick cool technology. It is a device that lets you live luxuriously because at times all you need is to sit with your mug and warm your hands as you accomplish other duties.

This device is ideal for home, office, car, and studio. Moreover, it is a great device for mothers since you can do things uniquely as you warm a cup of milk for your kid.


  • Easy to clean
  • Auto cooling design
  • Anti-slip base easy to use

Best Coffee Cup Warmers – Buyers Guide

Best Coffee Cup Warmers

Below you can check out the buying guide which may aid and assist you to get the best mug warmer for yourself:

Temperature Control System Settings

Most importantly, search and shop for that mug warmer which run and operate on the Temperature Control System. If it manages to slow down and bring down the cooling speed of your hot coffee, then that is great.

In addition, it should be installed with intelligent Auto On &Off setting options. Look for that kind of cup and mug warmer which offer and give out micro induction and also controlled temperature settings.

In this way, it will be able to work on a constant temperature working state.

Safe and Durable

Besides, you can give your thumbs up to that coffee cup warmer which is safe and reliable and also durable and long-lasting. If it is induced and installed with a Low power heating body, then that is amazing and super best for you.

Its body needs to be made of some kind of waterproof tempered material, in this way, that mug warmer will remain safe to be used by you. Apart from that, it should have 4 non-skid feet for the sake of giving support o your mug and to prevent spills.

100% Money-Back Guarantee Option

Lastly, always prefer to buy that coffee mug warmer which offers you 100% Money-Back Guarantee option.

If that specific and purchased mug warmer fails to come on your demands and expectations, then you can claim to get back your money. Customers should be given a chance to freely return that product and get a full refund.

FAQ’s about Best Coffee Cup Warmers

How Hot Do Coffee Cup Warmers Get?

How Hot Do Coffee Cup Warmers Get?

It depends on the temperature setting range which decides how hot coffee cup warmers get! Most importantly, it is on the wattage which is being used and utilized that the surface temperature of mug and coffee cup warmers varies and differ a lot.

It is seen and noticed on an average basis than coffee cup warmers remain to stay hot in between the temperature range of 120 and 140 degrees F. This range prevents and avoids your coffee from getting cold.

How Do Mug Warmers Work?

How Do Mug Warmers Work?

The working mechanism of coffee cup warmers, it is quiet and pretty much simple enough. Note down that a mug warmer works and operate by making use of the simple properties when it comes to heat transfer and too thermal energy.

It is these mug warmer’s coils which usually and generally transfer heat to the base section of your mug warmer.

As soon as you are going to place a cup right onto the device, then the heat coming from the base is going to be transferred to your coffee mug and also the liquid within the present in it.

How Hot Does a Bunn Coffee Maker Get?

How Hot Does a Bunn Coffee Maker Get?

A Bunn Coffee maker gets hot up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. One needs to keep in mind that Bunn coffee makers do not run and operate like the rest of the units. Their operating mechanism varies and differs a little bit.

In the same way, their capacity and potential to get hot, it varies as well. Most noteworthy, each of the unit of this Bunn coffee maker which comprise of a lower reservoir of water, it manages to stay hot up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit for all times.

What are the Best Coffee Makers for Home Use?

What are the Best Coffee Makers for Home Use?

The best coffee makers for home use are from the brands like Cuisinart Burr Grind & Brew DGB-700BC coffee maker, Cuisinart PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable DCC-3200 coffee maker, Hamilton Beach 12-cup Programmable 49465R coffee maker, Nespresso Pixie Espresso Maker.

Whenever you buy such a product, make sure that it consist of a soft-touch kind of digital control panel. If it is surrounded by a programmable clock/timer and also an auto-brew option, then that is the best coffee maker for you.


Now you have come to know about the best options with regard to these coffee cups warmer models. If you are a coffee person, then get hold of these warmers and never have a cold and not so exciting coffee.

Furthermore, we are confident that these mug warmers will come out as a great partner for you. We hope that they will make your coffee drinking life more exciting and full of fun.

Make sure to keep such a mug warmer always by your side and enjoy every sip of your coffee. There is no need to sip cold coffee now, as these great models and products are suggested to you.

Do let us know which of the mug warmer you are going to buy from our recommendation list. Likewise, mug warmers are an essential part of your life and also of your kitchen, same way, you might be interested in placing these Best Egg Cookers and Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers in your kitchen too.

Just fill up your kitchen which these needed and vital accessories and enjoy your day. Stay tuned with us, we will share more exclusive reviews attached and relevant to these mug warmers on this web page.

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