Best Coffee Canisters in 2020 Reviews

Coffee is among the top beverages in the world. Almost every home consumes a significant amount of coffee annually. However, producing a top quality coffee requires one to have perfect storage containers to preserve freshness. Coffee canisters are available in the market featuring different shapes and styles. They ensure that your coffee remains fresh; thus ideal for making an outstanding beverage.

Keep your coffee fresh and aromatic without the need to have expensive machines. Having top and best-performing coffee canisters keeps your beverage.

10. Osaka Stainless Steel Storage Container, Vacuum Sealed Canister

Osaka Stainless Steel Storage Container, Vacuum Sealed Canister


  • Inbuilt pump
  • Stainless steel body
  • Dishwasher safe

Osaka brand is a known company for the perfection of manufacturing great containers which keeps your coffee fresh. This canister is highly built featuring an inbuilt pump, which helps to remove air from the can.

With as vacuum space inside, not only the container is ideal for coffee, but also to other foodstuffs. On the other hand, the canister boasts stainless steel construction to keep stored coffer free from heat and UV rays.

Storing your coffee in this container brings a peace of mind. It has an airtight lid which is comfortable to lock as well as opening. The little yellow tab fitted on the cover allows you know whether there is an air leak. Moreover, with sturdy structure and craftsmanship, having this container ensures durability and perfection in performance. Cleaning is simple and stress-free as the Osaka coffee storage canister is dishwasher friendly. It can hold 40 oz of grounded coffee.


  • The airtight seal last without leaking
  • Sturdy steel body which keeps content fresh and secure
  • Simple to use air pump to create a vacuum

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9. Coffmax Deluxe Airtight Coffee Storage Container

Coffmax Deluxe Airtight Coffee Storage Container


  • Stainless steel construction
  • Stylish design
  • Great capacity
  • Ergonomic and easy to open lid

Are looking the perfect way to preserving your coffee freshness? If you are out of ideas, the Coffmax stainless steel vault is the best solution. It is an elegant container that blends with your kitchen décor.

Moreover, the construction concentrates on making your opening and closing easy due to the ergonomically designed lid. Therefore, everyone can use the vault without having difficulties. To retain the freshness of your favorite coffee, the body enjoys durable stainless steel construction which keeps the stored content away from elements.

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Get a bonus scoping spoon when you get this storage canister for coffee. Also, a coffee preparation recipe is a great complement to ensure a mouthwatering coffee for whole family or guests. With an airtight silicone seal provides a hermetic sealing, keeping moisture and oxygen out. Besides, ample preservation, the canister has a big room for your coffee, either grounded or beans. In fact it fact, it can store 1 lb. Grounded coffee and 0.8 whole beans. Apart from coffee, this canister is an excellent choice for keeping different food safe and fresh.


  • Brushed steel ensures compatibility with all decors
  • Excellent choice for a wide range of storage
  • Bonus spoon and coffee recipe book

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8. Culinary Prestige Stainless Steel Coffee Canister

Culinary Prestige Stainless Steel Coffee Canister


  • Air-tight locking design
  • Built-in freshness tracking calendar
  • Roomy size for grounded and whole bean coffee

As you struggle to get the best stainless steel coffee canister, don’t forget to check on this one from Culinary Prestige. It is a premium can, dedicated to ensuring no flavor and quality deterioration from your stored coffee.

Unlike the cheap constructed plastic containers, this features brushed stainless steel. As a result, there is no chance of stored coffee getting contaminated or absorbing moistures from the atmosphere.

Forget about the cans which come with inferior seals. When you get this, it ensures your stored coffee remains fresh, dry and free from circulating air. Further, fitted with one way valve, it ensures there is no build-up of carbon dioxide which can dent the coffee flavor. There are no hassles when tracking the stored coffee freshness since the container has inbuilt tracking calendar. Accompanied by stainless steel scoop and an eBook, it is among the best coffees rage canisters.


  • Large capacity for more coffee storage
  • Hassle free lid opening and locking
  • Stainless steel scoop to avoid coffee tainting
  • Easy to track freshness of the inbuilt calendar

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7. Oggi Stainless Steel Canister with Clear Acrylic Lid

Oggi Stainless Steel Canister with Clear Acrylic Lid


  • Versatile utilization
  • Silicone gasket and clear acrylic lid
  • Brushed stainless steel

For a refreshing cup of coffee beverage, you need perfectly preserved coffee. But, in many cases, people don’t achieve a great flavor due storage problems.

However, to obtain an excellent tasting coffee beverage, storing your coffee in this stainless steel canister from Oggi will maintain its freshness. The container is not just like regular ones, but premium designed to store flour, sugar and other kitchen staples. For perfect and airtight locking, the lid is fitted with silicone gaskets to keep the stored content airtight.

No more worries about the stores coffee getting tainted due to substandard materials. When you get Oggi stainless steel canister, it preserves the coffee without impacting foul smell. Nonetheless, the lid boasts a clear acrylic lid which ideal to ensure you can observe the stored content. The flip up action eases closing and opening the lid when storing or retrieving your coffee. The satin steel finish offers an elegant look and ease of cleaning with just wiping using a damp cloth.


  • Easy to close and lock the lid
  • Great for storing variety of kitchen staples
  • Simple to clean with a damp cloth

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6. Coffee Gator Coffee Maker Quality Stainless Steel Cafetiere

Coffee Gator Coffee Maker Quality Stainless Steel Cafetiere


  • Surgical stainless steel coffee maker and canister
  • Double layer filter
  • Corrosion and rust resistant

Making of coffee has never been easy like when you have this maker and canister from Coffee Gator. The designing of these appliances ensures high standards and quality to make sure that you get value for your money. The coffee maker is designed to deliver excellent beverage which will leave everyone begging for more. The construction features surgical grade stainless steel which doesn’t cause tainting of either the cooking or stored coffee.

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There are no hassles when you want to prepare instant coffee. The mini-coffee storage canister accompanying this maker ensures efficient access to fresh and safe coffee. With a compact design, the canister is ideal to fit on your congested kitchen shelves without hassles. Moreover, the compact size is great for ensuring that you can carry it anywhere thereby able to make your coffee. The coffee storage canister can hold enough content to make 2 cups of coffee.


  • Compact design ideal for secure storage
  • Clear window to monitor level of stored coffee
  • Mini-canister is easy to carry to work

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5. Tightpac  Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container

Tightpac  Vacuum Sealed Coffee Container


  • Creates partial vacuum
  • Multiple uses
  • Patented vacuum system

Why let cheap containers ruin the quality of your coffee? There is no need for that, getting this vacuum sealed coffee container from Tightpac ensures that you never prepare unsatisfying coffee beverage due to compromised quality.

The canister enjoys professions designing, that makes sure storing your coffee is simple and hassle-free. Enhanced with vacuum sealing, it means that there is minimal air which can cause a change in aroma. This enables coffee storage for an extended period.

The canister is sturdy having manufactured from durable plastic which is approved by FDA and NFS. Therefore, unlike the metallic ones, this is lightweight. With an airtight lid, the container allows coffee to breathe while curtailing air from getting into the canister. Additionally, the tight cap keeps moisture away thereby keeping the coffee fresh and free from getting worse due to water absorption. Tightpac coffee storage canister is also idea for preserving other contents and has 16 oz. Capacity.


  • Lightweight and durable plastic
  • Vented design for coffee breathing
  • Large to store ample coffee for the whole family

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4. Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister and Mini-Canister

Coffee Gator Coffee Storage Canister and Mini-Canister


  • Quick release an airtight seal to kick moisture out
  • Calendar date wheel to track freshness
  • CO2 release microvalve
  • Surgical grade stainless steel body

Don’t entrust your precious coffee to substandard containers which allow flavor and overall quality loss. The best way to keep your fresh grounded or coffee beans is to look for this storage canister from Coffee Gator.

Among the most significant enemies of coffee is moistures and exposure to the air. They significantly strip your coffee the refreshing smell and taste. To counter this, the company manufactures this canister using strong surgical grade stainless steel. Therefore, there is no trials and errors when storing your precious beans.

Now, apart from moisture and air exposure, accumulation of carbon IV oxide can also affect the coffee flavor. Though vacuum storage is great, getting rid of CO2 is vital. The container is fitted with a Wicovalve which ensures that the stored coffee is breathing by expelling carbon dioxide from the canister. For easy monitoring, a date wheel on the container lid lets you monitor the expiry date. A mini-canister accompanies this storage container for ease of carrying coffee when going to work or traveling.


  • Simple to check the freshness of stored coffee
  • Stainless scoop for easy scooping
  • Perfect seal to create an ideal partial vacuum

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3. Friis Coffee Vault, Stainless Steel, 16-Ounce

Friis Coffee Vault, Stainless Steel, 16-Ounce


  • Airtight lid
  • 16-ounce storage capacity
  • Metallic construction
  • CO2 venting valve

A great cup of coffee begins with high-quality coffee. To get quality coffee, storage matters most. When it is left exposed, it tends to absorb moistures from the atmosphere which reduces flavor and scent. But, having Friis coffee vault, it secures your coffee, as the safe does to your money. This coffee storage container is manufactured from steel body. Thereby, storing coffee eliminates action of UV rays, air, and moisture. In fact, the way stores it is the way you will get it when preparing a beverage.

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Besides keeping the coffee free from the outside factors, the canister also facilitates elimination of carbon dioxide. It has CO2 venting valves which make sure that the gas doesn’t alter the flavor. To cut the overall weight, Friis coffee storage canister has polymer lid which is free from BPA. With measuring spoon and art of flavor book, making excellent coffee is just a breeze.


  • Durable steel base and polymer lid reduces can weight
  • Great to keep coffee fresh with CO2 vents
  • Large internal capacity

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2. Coffee Gator Premium Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Container

Coffee Gator Premium Quality Stainless Steel Coffee Container


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Safe from carbon dioxide build up
  • Easy to track coffee freshness
  • #1 Best Seller in Coffeemaker Pot Lids

Coffee Gator continues to produce exceptional coffee makers and storage canisters. With a primary concentration on the quality, the company never disappoints. Among their best products is this stainless steel canister designed to keep coffee as fresh as possible. The body features surgical grade stainless steel construction which gives it a lifetime warranty. Additionally, the polymer lid with a snap lock ensures that locking and opening are just through flipping.

There are no more coffee destroyers once you include this stainless steel coffee canister in your house. It keeps away moisture and air from compromising the quality. Moreover, with vented valves dedicated to eliminating carbon dioxide from coffee, the vault keeping it fresh until you cook it. To minimize wastage, it has day tracking wheel which ensures you can monitor the manufacturing date.


  • Quick to close and open lid
  • Easy to track the coffee freshness via date wheel
  • Large capacity up to 1 pound grounded coffee

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1. Coffee Gator Large Canister Storage Vault with eBook and Scoop

Coffee Gator Large Canister Storage Vault with eBook and Scoop


  • Time tracking wheel
  • Stainless steel scoping spoon
  • Large capacity
  • #1 Best Seller in Food Bins & Canisters

Coffee Gator coffee storage vault is our best choice canister for coffee preservation. Designed like no other, the vault ensures you get a reason to grab a cup of coffee each morning.

Boasting professional construction from, stainless steel, you can forget about drinking tainted coffee with lousy tastes. Additionally, the material is extra durable offering a lifetime warranty. Thereby, no need to get a cheap container which will give you poor quality coffee when making a beverage.

Many people worry about the external factors which affect the quality of your coffee. But, on the other hand, concentrated carbon dioxide significantly affect the taste. When utilizing this canister, it ensures that your coffee remains fresh since there no carbon build up. The large capacity lets you keep up to 1 pound grounded coffee and 1.1 whole beans. Opening or closings breeze with flipping lock, while the time tracking wheel minimizes wastages.


  • Large capacity for enough coffee storage
  • Elegant brushed steel finish
  • Airtight and straightforward to operate lock

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Coffee storage canisters are the first thing to consider if you are a coffee lover. Available in various styles and sizes, it is easy to get your perfect choice.


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