Best Christmas Tree Stands Review In 2020

When it is time for Christmas, you put down the hustles and bustles of life. It is time to enjoy with family and friends.  And, a Christmas tree is one of the best gifts you can give to a friend. But, you need to ensure, you accompany them with tree stands. We have a collection of best-reviewed charismas tree stands in 2019 to save you buying time.

10 Best Christmas Tree Stands – Top Pickups

10- COFFEESAMPLERS Winter-Wonder Christmas tree Stand

COFFEESAMPLERS Winter-Wonder Christmas tree Stand

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Coffeesamplers incorporate all the available resource and expertise to deliver the best products. For Christmas’s tree stands, they command a significant part in the sector. Now, this winter wonder tree stand features a rotating design among other amazing features.

No matter how big you want your Christmas tree to be, coffee samplers offer the best stand. It features durable and sturdy construction that can support trees up to 7.5 feet. For the weight capacity, any tree weighing less than 80lbs can be supported.

Another excellent feature for this stand is the rotation. It can rotate at 360 degrees. This allows you to add the decorations on the tree quickly. Besides, the rotational mechanism looks stylish in any event and can make everyone happy.

On the other hand, the stand has some attractive features. With three operating modes, everyone can feel happy and engaged to the party. These modes include rotating with lights, standby with lights and off mode. Besides, it has three power outlets to allow Christmas light strings up to 400 watts of power usage.


  • Rotation mechanism
  • Wide and heavy base
  • Allows connection of string lights
  • Variety of modes

9- Good Tidings Cinco C-148E Express 10-InchTrees Stand

Best Christmas Tree Stands

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Good tidings bring this innovative technology to makes sure everyone enjoys during Christmas. Cinco C-148E Express tree stand features premium construction that makes every Christmas party a memorable one. It features adjustable design to accommodate various sizes of trees.

The stand size is medium, and the design looks classic. It fits various decors and doesn’t take a lot of space. It features two-gallon water reservoirs hence keeps you tree alive for a long time. And, because it is made for real trees, it gives you the freedom to plant the species of your choice. Don’t be limited again by what the artificial trees provide.

With this one, everything is natural and will rejuvenate a natural sense of happiness to everyone. It supports real trees that are up to three meters tall. With the adjustable attachment screws, the tree is held firmly reducing the chances of falling off when people tamper with it. The rounded design enhances stability and the diameter is about 7 inches.


  • For real trees
  • Adjustable diameter
  • Great stability
  • Classic designs

8- Krinner XXL Tree Genie Christmas tree Stand

Krinner XXL Tree Genie Christmas tree Stand

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There are hundreds of Christmas tree stands, but none can compete with Krinner. It features an extra-large design and some fantastic features to make it unique in its own way. It features a foot pedal set up that allows simple and effective installation of your tree.

Do you want the easiest way to put up a real tree for Christmas? Well, it must be a decent and easy way you might be looking for. Now, the krinner tree stand is among the top rated, which you can rely upon to set the Christmas tree of your choice. One of the outstanding features is the foot pedal set up that allows you to set up your tree in just a minute.

The base weight is 8kgs and hence supports all sizes of the tree. It features 20 inches in diameter making it an extra-large tree stand that can accommodate more than one tree, depending on your choice and preference, this stand allows all styles of installation.

Due to the sturdy base, it supports trees with a height of 12 feet. Equally, it is ideal for trees with trunks that are 7 inches in diameter. In addition, it features an automatic water level indicator. Thus, your tree can’t go dry unexpectedly. The base is painted green and the rounded shape looks really attractive.


  • Beautiful design
  • Large water capacity
  • smart water level indicator

7- Good Tidings Cinco Tabletop CNCC163Christmas tree Stand

Good Tidings Cinco Tabletop CNCC163Christmas tree Stand

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When things seem to fall apart during Christmas, stabilize them by simply buying this tree stand. Good Tiding is a great supplier who puts all the efforts and resources towards giving the best to the consumers. CNCC163Christmas tree from this company takes a significant lead among the top rated tree stands.

Unlike the metallic stands, this one is rust proof and quite light. Thanks to the unique polypropylene material which is robust and lightweight. Thus, it is pretty easy to handle even when the Christmas tree is in it. In particular, it is made of 3.25 pounds of the material which makes rigid, invincible and unshakeable.

The stand is round in shape and features easy screws that enhance easy mounting. Also, it includes rustproof spikes plus quick turn plastic. It is among the best tabletop tree stands to make your celebrations extremely colorful and vibrant. The 0.75 gallons of water is enough to keep your fresh and safe all the time.


  • Moderate weight
  • Beautiful base
  • Incredible reservoir capacity
  • Rustproof spikes and bolts

6- Jack Post Christmas 5164 Tree-Stand

Jack Post Christmas 5164 Tree-Stand

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Jack Post Christmas tree stands have formidable fame for long time durability. It is one of the best stands for real trees during Christmas and other occasions. It features an ergonomic design with beautifully shaped legs and water reservoir.

The base features a red reservoir which is complemented with four beautifully shaped legs. The end and green colors on these parts make this tree stand a masterpiece and a great way to add décor to your living space. Besides, it is ideal for any space even patios, kitchen or restrooms.

The base features 22 inches in diameter, enabling the stand to support up to 7 feet tree. Moreover, the powder coating makes it look gorgeous and enhances durability. Also, the four stands feature curvy shape at the ends to prevent floor scratching. Also, the stands have holes at the end meaning that you can screw it on a platform to increase its stability.


  • Ergonomic stands
  • Powdered finish
  • Affordable
  • Stylish and colorful

5- TreeKeeper, TK-10259 Rolling Tree Stand, for 6-9 Foot Artificial Trees

Best Christmas Tree Stands

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Sometimes you can end up buying an artificial Christmas tree just to realize later that it is causing a nuisance.  But with Treekeeper rolling tree stand, everything is under control. It features a wide diameter and supports up to 9 feet of trees.

Portability is one of the key challenges with artificial Christmas trees. That’s why Tree keeper TK10259 has been designed with the best features to help you counter this issue. It has some functional screws for fastening your tree on the base. Besides, the inner collar design is purposely there to protect the trunk of the tree.

Featuring point bolt system, this tree stand offers a firm attachment to hold tall trees excellently. Besides, the stand is supporting by rolling wheels which can swivel around. It, therefore, offers easy maneuverability regardless of the weight of your Christmas tree.


  • Additional support brackets
  • Cool dark color of the stand
  • Durable and beautiful castor wheels

4- Dyno Swivel Straight 1-Minute for Real Trees

Dyno Swivel Straight 1-Minute for Real Trees

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Featuring a professional Chinese technology, this tree stand is here to stay and allow you to celebrate your Christmas in style.  Do you want to add more attraction to the party? Ensure you have this tree stand at your disposal, and all shall be well.

There has been serious criticism posted to Chinese made items, but most of them are a real mark of quality you cannot resist. With Dyno swivel tree stand, you can use any real tree as your favorite Christmas tree and even donate as a gift.

This item features a cool green color that blends to the indoor as well as the outdoor environment. This large commercial grade tree stand stands out from the rest due to the ease of installation, colorful design, and the incredibly large water reservoir. You can be sure your tree will remain evergreen throughout the holiday eve.


  • Large capacity
  • Adjustable diameter
  • Cheap price
  • Rigid item

3- Black & Decker Smart Christmas Tree Stand

Black & Decker Smart Christmas Tree Stand

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Without any questions, everyone can agree that Black& Decker is a great manufacturer of almost any item in the world. Ranging from electronics to large machines, this is the ultimate brand to choose. Now, for this Christmas tree stand, it has defended its reputation by giving party lovers the best thing in their life.

So many things can be said about this beautiful tree stand. However, you need to note one thing clearly; this is the only tree stand that can allow you to set a Christmas tree in just 10 seconds. That may sound crazy, but for black & decker equipment, this is just normal. Just imagine that no pedals, screws or any particular feature required in the setup.

This tree stand eliminates all the hassles you would face when installing a tree on the stand. With its ergonomic design, you need to lock the grips into the right position and insert your tree perfectly. Besides, the grips are stainless steel made to enhance durability.

Also, this equipment boasts 3.5 liters capacity and refilling is very easy. Further, this is one of the safest tree stands to purchase. You may ask why, but the features reveal it all.

Thanks to the razor sharp blades that ensure no one can tamper with your valuable tree. It provides firm attachment of any tree that is up to 9 feet tall.  And, it supports trees with trunks that are up to 4.2 inches in diameter.


  • Tool-free installation
  • Lockable blades
  • Easy fill reservoir
  • Sturdy base

2- Omega Christmas tree Stand – Quick clamp system

Omega Christmas tree Stand - Quick clamp system

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Do you love installing incredibly large trees during Christmas? If yes, Omega tree stand is your thing. It features a large leak proof pot and can hold up to 1 gallon of water. With large clamping system, it can hold the largest trees upright and strongly.

Unlike the stands that are made of metal material, this one boasts a plastic that is very strong, built for stability and durability. Thanks to the wide leg span and the step based design which ensures that even the largest and heaviest Christmas trees stand upright.

Forget about the hustles of relocating the Christmas tree from one position to another. This stand features a step based design with a handle like structures. Thus, you can ask for help from a friend and safely transport the tree from one point to another place.

Thanks to the incredibly wide base which enhances safety storage of the tree even with the largest diameter, or the widest twigs. Moreover, kids can add decorative structures without compromising the upright posture of the tree.


  • Great for large Christmas trees
  • Sturdy plastic material
  • Wide base
  • Awesome weight capacity

1- Jack-Post Welded-Steel Christmas tree Stand, 1.7-Gallon Capacity

Best Christmas Tree Stands

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Through its patented design, Jack Post Christmas tree stands have managed to leave customers satisfied. It boasts unmatched strength and beauty that makes it worth the quoted price. Also, it is made of durable materials thereby ensuring it serves you a lifetime.

Unlike the plastic- made Christmas tree stands, this one is made of welded steel making it sturdy and awesomely durable. The metallic frame of this stand is made for large Christmas trees. It supports trees that are up to 12 feet tall and with a diameter of utmost 6.25 inches.

The capacity of this stand is 1.7 gallons when without the tree. This is a reliable capacity to keep the tree live for a prolonged time. On the other hand, the tubular steels lightweight and robust. And, the steel tubing and other parts feature a unique finish that is rust proof. Thanks to the gold tone which is zinc dichromate in scientific term.


  • Steel spike for added stability
  • Beautiful goldtone hardware
  • Strong steel tubular

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