Best Ceiling Fans with Remote in 2019 Reviews

Keeping yourself comfortable in a hot environment can sometimes be very difficult. Ceiling fans with remote cool people effectively by facilitating slow movement into the otherwise hot room air. Those in far much colder regions ceiling fans have reverse speeds to circulate hot air in the room. These ceiling fans are used widely in industries and our homes for both cooling and heating functions.

The fun is powered by electricity and is suspended on top of a room. The fan uses rotating paddles mounted on a hub to circulate air. Their movement is slower compared to other types of fans. Below is a detailed list of ceiling fans with remote that has outshined others on the flooded market.

Factors to consider when buying ceiling fans with remote:

  • Size of the room: we have different sizes of rooms that will require different fan types. A large room will require a fan with large blades to circulate enough air to cool off your room. Buying a fan with large blades one will be satisfied as his room will be kept cool.
  • Blade material and finish: when buying it is important to select blade made with the right materials as there are made of different materials. Blades made of good material last for quite a long time. Fans that are used in moisture conditions require blades made of rustproof material.
  • Energy efficiency:  worried about the increasing electricity bills then go for the energy efficient fans that cuts energy consumed by more than 50% .investing ineffective fan will ensure you save energy.
  • Motor: before buying a ceiling fan one should consider the type of motor that it has. A good motor will make the fan smooth operation and optimal air movement with minimal noise. Always buy a fan with a good motor as it’s the component that will make the difference from the rest. The fan speed is always determined by the kind of motor it has.

List of The Top 10 best Ceiling fans with remote in 2019:

10. Casablanca 59152 Wisps Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote

Casablanca 59152 Wisps Indoor Ceiling Fan with Remote, Medium, and Pewter

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Want a fan design that satisfies your desires to buy the Casablanca indoor ceiling fan .the fan is uniquely curved to add a touch of personality to an elegant design .the integrated light kit with cased white glass and one 18w led bulb make it appear brilliant. The handheld remote control ensures you are able to adjust the movement of the fan to the desired speed or switch it on and off. Reversible motor allows you to change the fan direction during cold and hot seasons so you will have every reason to smile about the product as you will use to the maximum. Buy this product it affordable and energy efficient it will save you a lot of has unbelievable daily performance and very reliable over many years. You don’t need to doubt as it has a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Limited lifetime motor warranty.
  • Handheld remote control.

9. Hunter Fan 54″ Contemporary Ceiling Fan

Hunter Fan 54" Contemporary Ceiling Fan in Brushed Nickel with Cased White LED Light Kit and Remote

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Buying durable ceiling fan will not only save future costs by the buyer but also it will guarantee him the maximum satisfaction of the product. The hunter fan 54 fits your bill it has led lights designed to consume low energy with a longer lifespan so you won’t be buying replacements every now and then. You also have the extra pleasure of installing it at your preferred place as you can either choose the standard, low or angled mounting. The 3 reversible speed whisper wind delivers ultra-powerful air movement with quiet performance. The effect on cooling effect will be immense without noise from the fan. You can adjust the 3 and2 down rods to ensure a good distance from the ceiling and air movement at the blade that you want. The handheld remote will make it very easy to adjust at any place


  • 3’’ and 2’’down rods to ensure distance to the ceiling can be adjusted.
  • Integrated light kit with cased glasses.

8. Minka-Aire F803L-MG, Artemis LED Mahogany 58″ Ceiling Fan

Minka-Aire F803L-MG, Artemis LED Mahogany 58" Ceiling Fan with Light & Wall Control

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With every day that passes things are subject to change the Minka –aire ceiling fan has not been left behind.They have satisfied the demands of the customers in terms of producing the latest ceiling fan styles and innovations .if you prefer the latest designs and fashion fans then buy Minka-Aire fan.The vanes are made of mahogany finish that appeals to many. The blades vary in pitch appealing to every the room that is placed in.distressed koa finish with 52′ blade sweep provides sufficient movement of air in the room. Integrated light kit features an LED dimmable light that ensures you have the control of the room.


  • Have three mahogany finish vanes.
  • Variable pitch size.

7. Westinghouse 7247300 Alloy Two-Light Reversible Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 7247300 Alloy Two-Light Reversible Three-Blade Indoor Ceiling Fan, 42-Inch, Brushed Nickel Finish with Opal Frosted Glass

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Very large rooms will require a good fan that will be able greatly to serve the room to the maximum. The Westinghouse Alloy fan will be able to serve you has  153 millimeters by 10-millimeter steel motor with dual capacitors for powerful air circulation within the room. The 42 inch two light indoor with three blades enhances its ability serves a great room well. You have every reason to consider buying these fan as its very efficient it uses 51 watts without lights with an airflow efficiency of around 80cfm.the image is also very appealing as it makes a room appear has a sophisticated brushed nickel, beech wengue reversible blades. The reversible blade will ensure you keep warm during winter and cool during summer.


  • Three fan speeds and a reversible switch.
  • Two light 42-inch indoor ceiling with three blades.
  • 153 millimeter by 10-millimeter silicon steel motor.

6. Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 7876400 Alloy 42-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

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Get this alloy fan suitable for those who live in large rooms 12 by 12 as it has an airflow efficiency of 80 cm per watt. It does not use a lot of currents to produce the great airflow efficiency as it only requires 51 watts that will certainly be affordable to most has ¾ inch by 4 down road with 78-inch lead wire that when you purchase it you can place in the preferred position indoors. The presence of three fan speed and a reversible switch ensures maximum satisfaction to the buyer throughout the year. You should not fear to purchase the product as it has a lifetime warranty on the motor and two warranties on the other parts.


  • Opal frosted glass.
  • 2x candelabra base.

5. Minka-Aire F843-SL, Wave, 52″ Ceiling Fan, Silver

Minka-Aire F843-SL, Wave, 52" Ceiling Fan, Silver

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The product has an average performance it will run smoothly for years giving service to the desired may not have the greatest performance I can guarantee you if you buy the product it won’t disappoint. With an airflow of around 4818 cfm, this is around average this is enough for you. It is designed with a silver blade to make it not only to perform well but also to last for longer too. The dimensions are 13.5 from the ceiling to the to the fan with the 3.5 down rod included. This brings the blade sweep diameter to 52 with a 48 blade pitch this provides just enough airflow required in room. Most people can fit the budget to buy it as is not very expensive so hurry and buy yours, don’t be left behind.


  • Require bond hub to work with alexa both are sold separately.
  • Nonreversing switch on the motor.

4. Westinghouse 7224300 Quince 24-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan

Westinghouse 7224300 Quince 24-Inch Gun Metal Indoor Ceiling Fan, Light Kit with Opal Frosted Glass

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Suitable for midsized rooms 80 square feet .this product is of genuine quality as it provides remarkable circulation with the six blades. The 24 inch offers a phenomenal style with a sleek gunmetal finish and opal frosted glass shade makes it ideal for a small room. With an airflow efficiency of 67cfm per watt which is all, you need in that small room of yours. Throughout the year you can rely on the fan as it has a reversible switch which you will use it at your comfort. The remote control is also adaptable so there is every reason why you should think of buying the product.


  • 2 light 24 inches reversible 6 blades.
  • Sleek gunmetal finish.

3. Minka-Aire F844-SL, LightWave, 52″ Ceiling Fan, Silver

Minka-Aire F844-SL, LightWave, 52" Ceiling Fan, Silver

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Minka Aire f844 boasts of an average performance which most people are used to. Designed with a silver body and has three blades. With an airflow of around 5024CFM, this is enough for most people. The Minka Aire has 17 dimmable LED light module designed in an etched lens. This light module is efficient therefore it will cost less to operate than an average ceiling is easy to control it as the RCS23 remote has full range and light dimming which you can select. Has a standard down rod assembly 6 inch and minimum length 4.5 inches with an angled cell adapter this ensures that when you buy it you can mount it to the required height.


  • Distressed Koa ABS finished blades.
  • Integrated dimmable LED fixture with an etched lens.

2. Hunter 59243 Dempsey Low Profile with Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Hunter 59243 Dempsey Low Profile with Light Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote, 44 Inch

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Dempsey low profile ceiling fan is one of the most reliable ceiling fans .it appeals to many with its decency and highly contrasted angles throughout to create a nice look to the room. The 44-inch blade span and low profile housing make it even ideal for small rooms. The winding motor delivers ultra-powerful air movement providing an instant cooling to the room. The fan is very quiet to the convenience of the room users, during the summer one will change to downdraft mode and during the winter updraft, this will keep you comfortable throughout the year. Get hold of this product today and you won’t regret they even have a lifetime motor warranty with a company that has been in the business for so many years.


  • Whisper wind 153mm x 15mm motor.
  • Reversible black oak blade.

1. Hunter 59244 Dempsey Low Profile Fresh White Ceiling Fan

Hunter 59244 Dempsey Low Profile Fresh White Ceiling Fan with Light & Remote, 44 Inch

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Installing ceiling fans can sometimes be difficult however this is not the case with Dempsey low profile as if you follow the instructions be sure it will work well so buy one it will have no is suitable for those low ceiling rooms where it will provide sufficient cooling effect. The presence of handheld remote makes it convenient as it can be controlled at the comfort of your bed. It has integrated light kit with cased white glass two 9.8 led bulbs to ensure you gain control of your room. The bulbs are energy conserving.


  • 13-degree blades pitch to ensure ideal air movement.
  • 4 fresh white /blonde oak reversible composite blades

Final thoughts

Buying a ceiling fan is very easy but with so many designs available, choosing a fan that suits your preferences could be problematic. This list is ideal for any buyer that may have a hard time choosing the appropriate ceiling fan for the purpose they want.

Based on the research conducted, you can choose to buy any ceiling fan here and you will be satisfied with the kind of service you will get. All the products in this review are very consistent and reliable so choose the one that suits your taste and preferences.

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