Best California King Sheets in 2020

A good sleep is equal to healthy living, and to sleep well, you’ll need a good bed and comfortable sheet to lie on top. California king sheets are the answer to your bedding solutions. They are soft, comfortable, warm, hypoallergenic and extremely durable to have. However, we know it isn’t an easy task to select the best sheets on the market.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best California king set sheets in 2020 to help you choose the right product and keep your bed cozy. Are you ready to sleep like a king?

10. CGK Unlimited California King Size Sheet Set

CGK Unlimited California King Size Sheet Set - 6 Piece Set

  • Overview

Every household needs the best set of a sheet to sleep well at night. This California King Size Sheet set offers the warmth and comfort that defines a good bed sheet.

This one comes from the factory house of CGK Unlimited, and the materials and liners bear good quality design. We recommend this for more reasons stated below.

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  • Features & Reviews

This CGK Unlimited California King Size Sheet brings a unique and sophisticated sleeping experience to all households. It features a tan-color beige design that matches your bedroom decor and available in a set of 6 sheet package. It has an extra deep pocket that suits deep mattresses, measuring 16 inches in size.

The material used in constructing these set of sheets is microfiber remarkable for its cooling effect, comfort, strength, and softness. Research has shown that this California King Size is even softer than most other sheet ranging 1000 to 1800 thread count.


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Easy maintenance
  • Good people with allergies

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9. Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets

Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets - Eco-friendly

  • Overview

You are shopping for a bed sheet for two main reasons: luxury and comfort. The Zen Bamboo has all the qualities you need. This set of sheets offers a relaxing and comfortable night for you and your households

. It’s time to get Junior to sleep in peace while dozing off luxuriously into wonderland.

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See below why we are recommending Zen Bamboo Luxury Bed Sheets.

  • Features & Reviews

Zen Bamboo Bed Sheets come in a 4-piece set of the sheet just enough to cover each of your bedrooms. It featured a blend of microfiber and brushed bamboo material design of the best quality. These materials will stand against wash and constant use over time because of the high quality.

The sheets are soft, stylish, and very beautiful to behold. It will add more glamour to your room decor, being that there are different colors for everyone to choose. One great feature of these sheets is that they resistant to stains and are hypoallergenic and doesn’t fade with frequent use and wash.

Now you can save your time dealing with wrinkles, dusting mites and tasks like ironing. Just roll out these sheets and blaze off to glory!


  • Excellent material blend
  • Luxurious and stylish
  • Durable and easy to maintain
  • 30 days guarantee

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8. Cosy House Collection California King Bed Sheets

Cosy House Collection California King Bed Sheets - Gold Luxury Sheet Set

  • Overview

So you have a nice bed but can’t sleep comfortably without a good bed sheet. This California King Size Bed offers you a refreshing and restful night sleep.

The material is strong and the design is perfect for deep mattresses. In addition to the comfort they offer, we are recommending this sheets for the following reasons:

  • Features & Reviews

These sheets are softer and more comfortable than the best silk design you can think of. They feature a high premium doubled-brushed microfiber material design that allows you to sink into a night of bliss. The sheets are not only sumptuous but smooth, soft and incomparable by any other bedding sheet.

Have you pillow top bed and deep mattresses? No problem! This California King Size Bed Sheet with deep pocket can fit any mattresses up to 16 inches in size. Every part of it is elastic, stretchable and will stay put all night.

Their ultra-light design makes them more durable, breathable and stronger than cotton. Say goodbye to dust mites, wrinkles, fading, and stains. This is the bed sheets you are your family have been waiting for.


  • Durable design
  • Comes in classy colors
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Breathable than cotton

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7. Southshore Fine Linens – CALIFORNIA KING

Southshore Fine Linens - Vilano Springs - CALIFORNIA KING

  • Overview

Southshore offers you the best bed sheets that will assist in handling your insomnia. This fine linen product takes the interest of the customer to heart in designing this King Mattresses.

They are not just true extra deep pocket sheet set but also provide all-around comfort for their customers.

  • Features & Reviews

SouthShore Fine Linens – Vilano Spring sheets offers exceptional style and comfort for a peaceful night sleep. They are designed as part of Southshore Signature 110 GSM Series, featuring double-brushing design and extreme softness.

The 110 GSM Microfiber material used in constructing this sheets make them very durable. They won’t fade easily nor will shrink after washing. The sheets are available in California King, Queen, King, Full, Twin XL, Twin and Split King sizes. The sheets can fit mattresses up to 21 inches in size without any of the corners pulling about.

Above all, the manufacturer is daring you with a mouth-watering 1-year warranty.


  • High quality make
  • Extra large design
  • Doesn’t fluff
  • Breathable and comfortable

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6. Elegant Comfort 4-Piece 1500 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set

Elegant Comfort 4-Piece 1500 Thread Count Bed Sheet Set

  • Overview

As the name implies, comfort is what you will get from this Elegant California King Size Sheets. These sheets are thick yet offer warm feeling.

They are breathable, and the hypoallergenic design makes them a ‘must get’ for anyone that’s looking for a workable bed sheet.

  • Features & Reviews

Elegant Comfort features ventilated weave and yarns that makes it hypoallergenic and completely anti-microbial. It has strong stitching for preventing tears deep-pocket. It incorporates an elastic and stretchable design that will fit mattresses ranging 16 inches thick. These sheets are wrinkle-free, resistant to fade and washable in cold water.

The microfiber material used in constructing the Elegant Comfort Sheets repels mites and contaminants. These sheets are ideal for people suffering from allergies as it allows them to breathe easily, sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

The yarns of these sheets are finer, stronger and longer compare to silk. The softness and durability is a classic, and you can significantly rely on this sheets to sleep well.


  • Durable design
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Highly reliable
  • Hypoallergenic

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5. Nestl Bedding Cal King Size Bed Sheet

Nestl Bedding Cal King Size Bed Sheet Set Grey Charcoal

  • Overview

Cal King Bed Sheets are super soft with a silky touch. Just like most other California King Size Sheet. They are perfect for people with a sensitive skin condition. When we keep them in water to wash, we found they are incredibly soft and cozy.

In a hot environment like Arizona, the last thing you would want is something that will make you sweat. So we are recommending this excellent sheet for that purpose.

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  • Features & Reviews

At first, we were skeptical about these sheets, since they weren’t of Egyptian cotton design. But who could have guessed that bed sheets would have warranty coverage? Someone is confident. So we became even more interested and decided to see what else this make has to offers.

Of course, Nestl Bedding is famous for producing good home and outdoor products, and this wasn’t an exception. The material design is high-quality microfiber, and the craftsmanship is excellent and durable. The material is super soft, and the fact that the manufacturer also brushed both sides of the sheets adds more to the softness.

Silky soft and comfortable design will make you drift to sleep once you lay down on these sheets. These sheets will hug your mattress, and they come in 4 set. You have nothing to worry about since the sheets are slammed with 100% lifetime guarantee.


  • Durable material construction
  • Ultra soft
  • Breathable
  • Lifetime guarantee

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4. AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set – Cal King

AmazonBasics Microfiber Sheet Set - Cal King

  • Overview

If you have been struggling with your sleep as a young adult, now is the time to enjoy it. These sheets from AmazonBasics are surprisingly soft, especially when you consider the price tag.

They are relatively inexpensive, so you might expect them to feel a bit hard and inferior, but that wasn’t to be.

The polyester material design of these sheets makes them quick to wash and dry. They became even softer after washing them.

  • Features & Reviews

The AmazonBasics sheets feature 100% polyester microfiber that adds an excellent dose of coziness to any solid-build bed. These sheets are silky and soft in appearance and will make a nice choice for kids bedroom. They will also fit a first-time apartment or a college dorm room. You can also use these as laundry backup set on laundry day or as a fresh set for overnight guest bed.

These sheets have grey stripes design on their body. They also have an elastic design that allows them to stretch and fit snugly over 16 inch thick mattresses.  AmazonBasic Microfiber Sheets are machine washable. These sheets come from China are not prone to wrinkle as such. We would hold them against any 700 counts Egyptian sateen sheet anytime, any day.


  • Durable polyester microfiber
  • Get softer with each wash
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Affordable for such quality

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3. HC COLLECTION Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets Set

HC COLLECTION Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets Set

  • Overview

All expensive and quality bedding sheets are making use of microfiber material these days. These Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets incorporates similar design with a view for providing something that is completely reliable, soft and warm. The design of these sheets is simple, and the results are reassuring.

  • Features & Reviews

These sheets feature a silky and soft design with exceptional craftsmanship. They offer a perfect fit that can cover mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The elastic construction makes it stretchy and provides a snug fit. Two pillowcases are part of these 1800 platinum packages.

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These bed sheets are similar to the high-quality sheets that cover the beds of 5-star hotel rooms. They are hypoallergenic and efficiently repel dust mites. Another good thing with these sheets is that they are environmentally friendly, unlike cotton, and resistant to stains, fade, and wrinkles.

Dust mites will now be a thing of the past once you start using these beautiful sheets. They come with no risk in a purchase as they have 100% lifetime guarantee coverage.


  • The quality is good
  • Offers snug fit
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Lifetime warranty

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2. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set – Brushed Microfiber

Mellanni Bed Sheet Set - Brushed Microfiber 1800 Bedding

  • Overview

It’s hard to come across a sheet that’s reliable in strength, durability, and quality. Mellanni offers sheets that take you to sleep in a short time.

The Microfiber design has remarkable effects on persons suffering from insomnia, allowing them to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

  • Features & Reviews

The Mellanni Bed Sheet Set brings you the opportunity to know the difference between sleep and nonsleep conditions. Brushed microfiber material construction enhances the breathability of these sheets. They are durable, stays fit together, with no split seams and no hanging threads.

These sheets are thin, so take up very little room in the washer, dryer or laundry hamper when balled up. They come in different styles you can choose from to match your taste and decor. Being hypoallergenic, these sheets don’t impact any itchy, irritating, or sensitivity feeling to your skin.

Silky soft and comfortable, the Mellanni bed sheets are the best you find in any home, school, bedroom, RV, vacation home or kids room. They are highly resistant to stains, dust mites, and wrinkle. Included in the package are two pillowcases size of 20×40 inches while the sheet themselves can fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep.


  • Enduring design
  • Lots of color choice
  • Soft and not scratchy
  • 100% Money-back guarantee

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1. Sweet Home Collection Supreme Extra Soft California King Sheets Set

Sweet Home Collection 1500 Supreme Collection Extra Soft California King Sheets Set

  • Overview

We are ranking this product as the greatest in our Top 10 Best California King Sheets in 2020 for obvious reasons. This is a 4-piece bedding sheet set that comes with lots of awesome colors to choose from.

These sheets are not like flannel that stick to the skin and feels too hot. The actual thread count on these sheets amounts to 4800 DPI.

While the weave measures 104 by 76 by the inch, the fiber that makes up the design is more elegant and amounts to 1500 count. No doubt, these sheets are reliable and durable.

  • Features & Reviews

Truly supreme, these sheets have a thickness thread count of 154, which means they are strong and durable. They are nice and soft and ideal for kids, dad and mom to sleep on. The elastic at the bottom is wimpy, but it has lots of material you can tuck under a 16-inch mattress. Forget the marketing hype of other models; these sheets add value and functionality to excel.

These extra soft California King Size are made with the highest quality double-brushed microfiber material that stretches to achieve a better fit. The stitching is better compared to some models, and the weaving is stronger. These sheets are lightweight and seem a bit fluffy, meaning you won’t be experiencing any weight from them.

These extra large sheets are incredibly silky and soft, even softer than 1600 thread count Egyptian cotton material design.


  • Soft and silky
  • Breathable
  • Comes in different colors
  • Easy to maintain

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Our review of the top 10 Best California king sheets in 2020 has the best options you need to sleep peacefully and feel refreshing in the morning. Get yours today, dream big in the night and wake up in the morning to achieve your dreams.

Just remember to drop a comment or suggestion.


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