Best Built-in Microwaves in 2020 Reviews

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Let’s face it, as new inventions built-in microwaves may have briefly seemed like a luxurious commodity. However, in this time and era, they’ve long since moved into the category of necessity and it is virtually next to impossible to imagine a modern kitchen without a built-in microwave. Making it a must-have kitchen compatibility gear for almost every modern household on the planet.

In this our reliable and top-notch list of the crème de la creme 10 best built-in microwaves the market has in store for you at this particular point in time, we can confidently assure you that we have only picked the best!

Top 10 Best Built-in Microwaves in 2020 Reviews:

10. Samsung MA-TK3080CT 30″ Trim Kit

Samsung MA-TK3080CT

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  • By: Samsung

Having a built-in microwave in the kitchen is very convenient for reheating any meal or beverage. Steam vegetables, defrost, meats, make popcorn, or heat up a dinner plate. Saving you time and need to heat up the kitchen by turning on the oven. The Samsung MA-TK3080CT is definitely one of the best-looking microwaves on this list.

It is a 120 volts microwave oven with drawer style with automatic push and pulls bar handle. It also features various power levels which include, auto defrost option, auto touch control panel, and manual clock and timer controls. Which act as automatic sensors to supervise cooking and prevent the dishes from getting overcooked or burnt.

The product dimensions are 0.9 x 29.6 x 20.1 inches and it is quite light as it weighs only 4.2 pounds. In addition, it is crafted with stainless steel making it be very durable and easy to clean. Order yours today and experience the convenience and elegance brought about by this iconic built-in microwave from Samsung.


  • Very durable.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Features a custom sized trim kit

9. Panasonic NN-SD945S Countertop/Built-In Microwave

Panasonic NN-SD945S Countertop/Built-In Microwave with Inverter Technology

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  • By: Panasonic

This is another state of art built in microwave we highly recommend for convenience purposes and your day to day usage. One of the things you will find to be incredibly awesome and fall in love with the NN-SD945S from Panasonic is the patented inverter technology which offers you a stream of excellent cooking power capabilities at highs of a whopping 1250 watts power rating enabling you to enjoy faster food warming times. And of course, it preserves food’s flavors as originally cooked.

In addition, it features an advanced inverter turbo defrost, which speeds up defrosting time. It also has 5 menu buttons offer quick control and easy programming. And if that’s not enough, it also entails an automatic sensor which adjusts power and times for different foods.


  • Features a Panasonic patented inverter technology.
  • Enables you to keep your dishes under consistent warm up until they are served.
  • Enables you to defrost vegetables and ingredients for instant cooking.
  • Can handle with ease powers of up to 1250 watts.

8. Panasonic 1250W Genius Sensor Countertop

Panasonic NN-SN966S 2.2 Cu.Ft. 1250W Genius Sensor Countertop

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  • By: Panasonic

With its 1250 W power, the Panasonic NN-SN966S boasts of preparing foods in a blink of an eye, faster than most of its competitors. What’s even more, is that entails a microwave inverter technology which offers a seamless cooking power.

In addition, the 12 preset menu items make the preparation of various meals a breeze. If that’s not enough, it features an advanced Inverter Turbo Defrost which ultimately speeds up defrosting time.

Entailing an Auto Reheat, Sensor Reheat and a Power Consumption of 1460W. Apart from its state of art features, this superb built in microwave features an elegant finishing, to go hand in hand with your kitchen décor.


  • It has 12 preset menu items.
  • Fairly priced.
  • Features an automatic sensor which adjusts power and time for different foods.
  • It has sleek control features.

7. Panasonic NN-SN936B Countertop Microwave

Panasonic NN-SN936B Countertop Microwave with Inverter Technology, 2.2 cu. ft. , 1250W, Black

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  • By: Panasonic

If you’ve been keen, you must have by now noticed that we have included more Panasonic built-in microwaves than any other brand. Of course, that’s because of their excellent features and quality performance they tend to have. The Panasonic NN-SN936B is no different from its predecessors it offers quick cooking prowess thanks to its 1250 W power rating.

Additionally, it also boasts of a microwave inverter technology, which delivers a seamless stream cooking experience resulting in an evenly prepared meal. It also features an advanced inverter turbo defrost, which fastens defrosting process while the push button door release makes its use easier even for the utmost novice user.

A favorite amongst its users this iconic Panasonic product features 9 preset menu items, which makes your food preparation process to be simpler. The smart, compact design of the Inverter power unit devotes less space to electronics and provides far more interior capacity while taking up, in turn, less space on the counter. Perfectly matching your elegant kitchen décor.


  • Modern convenience.
  • Features sleek controls.
  • Has 9 preset menu items.
  • Features automatic sensors.

6. Farberware Classic 1000-Watt Microwave Oven

Farberware Classic FMO11AHTBKB 1.1 Cubic Foot 1000-Watt Microwave Oven, Stainless Steel

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  • By: Farberware

The classic FMO11AHTBKB built-in microwave from Farberware will definitely give you the most bang for your buck. It’s not loaded with many bells and whistles, but for the price, you’d be surprised at how much it can accomplish. this is a great product designed to offer you with brilliant results. It boasts of 1000W and offers up to 10 power level options, that allow you to adjust power from 10% to 100%.

This multi-stage cooking platform ensures that you prepare custom snacks and meals without much hassle. And yes, the six cooking functions make it perfect for preparation of a simple delicacy.

Additionally, this awesome built-in microwave entails a keypad lock preventing unsupervised use and apart from being price friendly, it comes with a one-year warranty. Making it a worthy kitchen investment décor.


  • Comes with a one-year warranty.
  • Very affordable.
  • It has 10 power levels and Can handle up to 1000 watts with ease.

5. FPMO209RF | Frigidaire Professional Built-In Microwave

FPMO209RF | Frigidaire Professional Built-In Microwave

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  • By: Frigidaire

This amazing product from Frigidaire is capable of handling up to 1200 watts cooking power with ease and prowess. This legendary built-in microwave features 3 auto cook options, making it very fast and convenient in preparing an evenly cooked meal.

In addition, it entails 7 user preference options that will definitely assist you in effortlessly fixing your favorite dishes. If you are looking for all the basic and exquisite features in one microwave, this is the one for you. The noise is absolutely minimal and it is very easy to clean and install.

The product dimensions are 20 x 24 x 14 inches and it weighs 42 pounds. The cooking capacity is 2 cubic feet. Finish your kitchen décor with this compatible microwave and experience the thrill brought about by fixing your favorite dish with utmost minimal effort.

We promise this durable built-in microwave won’t disappoint when it comes to making your life easier.


  • One of the most balanced microwaves with advanced functionalities.
  • It features a sleek elegant design making it a perfect kitchen décor.
  • The one-touch and auto options help in cooking variety of dishes instantly.
  • Comes with a specified warranty upon purchase.

4. Farberware Black FMO12AHTBSG Microwave Oven

Farberware Black FMO12AHTBSG 1.2-Cubic- Foot 1100-Watt Microwave Oven with Grill Function

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  • By: Farberware

The black FMO12AHTBSG from Farberware is another great option for anyone operating on a budget, but at the same time demanding quality and superior service delivery from the built-in microwave. The 1.2 cubic ft interior capacity makes it ideal for most if not all kitchen counters.

What’s even more, this gorgeous electronic operates on 1100 watts of cooking power and boasts up to 10 power levels with ease and class. Thus, making it very efficient in preparation of different meals.

Additionally, the tough premium black stainless steel used in its construction helps in resisting smudges and fingerprints. Making it apart from being very compatible with your other kitchen décor, it also contributes majorly in ensuring that your cooking area elegance and neatness is perfectly maintained.


  • Features a unique dual cooking functionality.
  • Entails 9 one-touch cooking programs.
  • Features a LED lighting.

3. Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop/Built-In Microwave

Panasonic NN-SN686S Countertop

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  • By: Panasonic

Panasonic as earlier stated it is one of the most trusted brands in a high-quality built-in microwave category and most of their microwaves in different price ranges are excellent quality and value investments. The NN-SN686S features a 1200 watts microwave with the capacity of 1.2 cubic feet, making It suitable for preparing small to large dishes easily.

And ultimately one of the best of best fit for moderate to large kitchens. Just like all other Panasonic microwaves, it comes with the patented inverter technology that provides consistent cooking power for preparing delicious dishes.

Additionally, It also entails 14 preset auto cook menu items, 13.4-inch turntable with special Turbo Defrost mode for defrosting your food faster than usual. If that’s not enough, the automatic sensors adjust the power and time to prevent your food from getting heated up to high and getting burnt. The product dimensions are 20.69 x 15.81 x 12.25 inches and it weighs 25.5 pounds.


  • Features sleek and elegant controls.
  • Very elegant and compatible with other kitchen decors.
  • Entails a customized turbo defrost thawing food more quickly and evenly.

2. Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor

Toshiba EM131A5C-BS Microwave Oven with Smart Sensor,

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  • By: Toshiba

The EM131A5C-BS is amongst the best microwave oven ever invented from Toshiba. featuring a 1100W cooking power and 1.2 cubic feet cooking capacity making it very reliable to use on both small and large-scale kitchen applications. It also entails 10 power levels from 10% to 100% and the 1 to 5 sensor cooking options that are very useful in helping you quickly fix your favorite meals.

Moreover, there are 6 one-touch quick cooking options for various food items like popcorn, potato, dinner plate, chicken, veggies, pizza and likewise. You can also defrost your required item by weight tor time since the microwave entails two defrost settings.

In addition, there are digital controls, LED display and you can also lock the keypad. The product dimensions are 20.5 x 17.1 x 12.8 inches and it weighs 34.6 pounds. The product also comes with a specific manufacturer’s warranty.


  • One touch starts for multiple foods.
  • Digital control panel with interior LED light.

1. Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off

Toshiba EM925A5A-BS Microwave Oven with Sound On/Off and ECO Mode,0.9 Cu.ft. 900W,

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  • By: Toshiba

There is a total of two highly rated Toshiba built-in microwaves on this list, and it no coincidence they are on top of the list. This is simply due to the fact that all of them are awesome in terms of quality, performance, user-friendliness and even pricing. The legendary EM131A5C-BS features an 1100 watts power handling capacity, from 10 power levels with a 1.2 cubic feet capacity. It also features a patented inverter technology that makes sure your food is cooked evenly without any portion being overcooked or undercooked.

There are automatic sensors for adjusting the power and time for different foods and dishes. You can instantly defrost food items and reheat them with one touch. Its super silent motors comprehend its amazing features, warming your meal quickly and quietly.

Apart from being very price friendly, the product dimensions are 20.5 x 17.1 x 12.8 inches and it weighs only 34.6 pounds. You won’t regret having this elegant crème de la crème built-in microwave with your favorite kitchen décor. All said it is a worthy investment.


  • Fairly priced.
    Works quickly and quietly.
    Features an elegant premium black stainless-steel exterior.
    Very durable.

To wrap it up:

Having thoroughly tested each of the brands, we suggest that you add one of them to your cart. For the sake of acquiring ideal services from these awesome built-in microwaves, upgrading and maintaining the elegance and classy state of your kitchen décor.

Factors to consider before purchasing a built-in microwave:

  • Reliability: Even for the most reliable and durable microwaves, they are more than likely to have a shelf life of somewhere around 10-12 years or so, with the average lifespan of a microwave coming in at 9. it’s important for you to find a built-in microwave that will last and serve you for as long as possible. Giving you a chance to resell it to a third party if you seek to replace it with a more modern one.
  • Affordability: Price is always an important consideration when buying any appliance, no matter how large or small it may be. You will quickly notice the price ranges for microwaves will vary considerably, depending on which type of microwave you decide to invest in. All of the most affordable options will be found in the countertop category. But if your kitchen design makes a built-in microwave, an extra investment will be well worth it. Not only will a built-in unit save countertop space, but it will create a more elegant kitchen that improves the class of your kitchen decor.
  • Safety: While you may encounter the occasional false alarmist article about microwaves leaking radiation that causes cancer or zapping all of the nutrients in your food, so far there’s no real research to back up those claims. The only real safety concerns that come with microwaves are the slight possibility of one catching fire and the need to teach kids to be careful when using them.
  • Wattage: The main thing you need to know about wattage is that the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking time and more evenly you can expect the microwave to heat the contents inside. Usually, as long as a built-in microwave is at least 1,000 watts, it will properly cook your food. You can find some built-in microwaves with lower wattage that are usually cheaper, but they’ll be slower and more than often less reliable.
  • Size: No matter what type of the built-in microwave you end up going with, size will always matter. To start with, you have to consider first the space available in your kitchen. You don’t want to face the fate of bringing home a built-in microwave you love only to realize that it won’t physically fit in the space you’ve allotted to it. For a built-in or over-the-range microwave, you have to fit it exactly to the size and the specifications available.

With all that said, let us now look at the best of best built-in microwaves, the market has in store for you solely based on the customer reviews and the high-quality service delivery each of the following products, which have been proven and tested.

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