Best Battery Load Testers Review In 2022

Your car battery is one of the most critical but delicate components of the vehicle. It, therefore, needs to be replaced after every few years of use. But how do you determine when to do the replacement? This is where battery load testers come in.

Car batteries may not be too expensive compared to the overall price of the car. However, you don’t need to throw away your car’s battery if it’s still working. A car’s electronic systems aren’t built to diagnose the life, health, and efficacy of its battery.

That is why you need to buy a car battery load tester separately. This will test and confirm if your battery still works or you need to replace it.

Some battery load tester models are equipped only to check the battery. Others are built for more functions than that. When buying this tool, some of the features to consider include:

  • Your car’s battery type
  • The tester’s ease of use
  • Compatibility with your battery type
  • Brand of choice
  • The battery tester’s pricing

Below we discuss our TOP 10 list of best battery load testers on the market today:

Review List of Top 10 Best Battery Load Testers in 2022:

10- Schumacher’s BT-100 Battery Load Tester (100 Amp)

Battery Load Testers

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PRODUCT’S SIZE: It’s an analog BT-100

COMPATIBILITY: It tests 12 volts and 6 volt batteries of a maximum of 1000 CCA. Perfect for RVs, cars light trucks, lawnmowers and boat batteries. 100 Amp load-test for 12 Volt types of batteries. 50 Amp load-test for the 6 Volt types of batteries.

EASY OPERATION: Has a top-mounted button for smooth operation. It is not extra-proprietary and no computer logic needed. It is easy to use &straight forward.

FUNCTION: Tests load, starter motor draw, battery condition, absolute charging system diagnosis.

SUPER GRIP: Long-lasting color-coded super-grip battery clamps.

EFFORTLESS READING: An accurate, easy-to-read & shock resistant meter.

VENTILATED: Steel case, baked enamel meant to ventilate/aerate to keep cool.

SAFETY & COMFORT: The rubber-insulated stainless-steel case provides comfort and safety.

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: Measures 15.1” by 7.5” by 3.6”.

WARRANTY: You can request the manufacturer’s warranty from the customer service.

DURABILITY: It is made of strong materials and it functions pretty well, it’s durable.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Contains harmful chemicals known to cause birth defects and other reproductive damages. It can cause cancer too.

9- FOXWELL’s BT100 Pro Battery (6V/12V | 100-1100 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester

FOXWELL’s BT100 Pro Battery (6V:12V | 100-1100 CCA Automotive Battery Load Tester

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QUALITY, CAPACITY & AFFORDABILITY: This professional battery tester can analyze batteries up to 12V. It’s a must-have for your car given its power. It easily diagnoses your car battery’s health status.

It can also allow you to view the battery charging status. Additionally, you can use it to detect and analyze any faults with your car battery. All that without having to break the bank!

WIDE VARIETY OF BATTERY TYPES: The battery analyzer can check and diagnose battery conditions of different batteries. They include 6V-12V 100-1100CCA regular flooded and AGM flat plate batteries. Other is the AGM spiral and the GEL type.

EASE OF USE: The battery tester is designed to display an instant accurate test result in just 3 seconds or less.

Its large backlit LCD display does the trick for you. The elaborate keypad plus a menu-driven functionality adds the icing to the easy operation cake. The battery load tester even powers itself off the target battery.

8- ANCEL’s BA101 Pro 12V 100-2000CCA 220Ah Car Battery Load Tester

Battery Load Testers

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POWER, EASE OF USE & PORTABILITY: The powerful battery analyzer has a small compact design. This makes it easily portable for use while traveling. It’s also capable of scanning faster and directly indicating test results. It’s so simple to operate that even a beginner can easily work with it.

It tells you everything about your 12V battery’s health and efficacy. Know all you want to know about the voltage level, charge, and cranking power in an instant. Get all information about how much life remains in your car battery via a reading of its level of Ohm resistance. This ANCEL unit does it easily, quickly, and accurately.

WIDER TEST RANGE: The tester’s test range is quite wide and more precise compared to competitor brands. 100CCA to 2000CCA is quite huge. The test results meet international standards by the JIS, DIN, EN, CCA, GB, BCI, and IEC. You can also check your car alternator’s charging power and the starter’s cranking conditions. 

7- FOXWELL’s Automotive Digital Battery Tester (BT705)

FOXWELL’s Automotive Digital Battery Tester (BT705)

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BATTERY EXAMINER: This tester is made for the 12V & 24V batteries whose capacity is 100 CCA up to 2000 CCA. Examples include: Regular flooded, AGM spiral, AGM flat plate, GEL & deep cycle batteries, 12V & 24V starting & charging system. Test findings are based on EN, SAE, JIS, BCI, CA, IEC, MCA, GB, DIN and SAE standards & regulations.

CAR BATTERIES’ PHYSICIAN: It has adopted the latest conductance testing technology. The fitted premium classic copper clip & wire help sustain steady communication during the testing process.

This gives you the most accurate and reliable results. Swiftly and precisely measures the real cold-cranking amps. It also measures the ability of the car’s starting battery & health condition of the battery.

CHARGING & CRANKING SYSTEM TEST: This tester indicates the verdict on the starter’s system, cranking time & cranking voltage in milliseconds. The battery diagnostic tool also checks the 24V or 12V charging system. This is to ensure the generator’s output voltage is in a normal or regular condition. It also ensures that the rectifier diode’s performance is excellent & that there is a normal charging current.

WORTH OWNING: Now that winter is coming, you really need to discern your battery’s life-span so that you are not caught unawares. This battery tester can accurately read the health status of your battery in 2.5 seconds in its huge LCD display which is very easy to read.

It enables you to diagnose & determine the car’s health problems in a timely manner. This It is able to do this without having to disconnect the battery or without using a different, separate battery.

GUARANTEED SATISFACTORY SERVICE: You are assured of 100% money refund on this particular car battery tester. The 7.8ft cable lets you conduct the test from the inside of a vehicle. This is whether you are the personal owner of the car or whether you own a mechanic shop. You will absolutely love this battery tester.

6- Lisle’s 64970 Parasitic Drain Testers

Best Battery Load Testers

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FORMIDABLE SAFETY: Lisle’s 64970 Drain Tester is equipped with replaceable in-line fuses. These are built to safeguard both the meter and the battery tester itself. That means you don’t have to worry about damage from power surges. And in the event of an uncontrollable current, the multimeter is bypassed with the switch.

ZERO DOWNTIME: Both the load tester and the meter can remain electrically linked until other computer systems have been shut off. This helps isolate the drain. Just for convenience, you can stack banana connectors on the tester. This enables voltage to be measured across several locations on the car during a drain test utilizing standard test leads.


WEIGHT: 2.4 ounces

PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 6.5” x 10.5” x 1”

5- OTC’s 3180 100Amp Battery Load Testers

OTC’s 3180 100Amp Battery Load Tester

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EASE OF USE & PORTABILITY: The OTC 3180 battery load tester is compact and lightweight. This convenient size and weight make it easily portable. You can carry it around to test your car battery whenever.

It also has easy-to-read scales that don’t need any expertise to master. Even beginners can use this unit. Test your car battery either on or off the vehicle in only 10 seconds or less.

EXTRA LARGE DISPLAY: The tester determines the good or bad status of your battery with an extra-large display. Besides, there is absolutely zero adjust. That is quite user-friendly!

HIGHLY VERSATILE: The OTC 3180 battery tester unit can determine both state-of-charge cranking as well as charging volts. It also works on both the 6V and the 12V battery. That means that you don’t have to buy a new unit for a smaller car battery.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: The diagnostic equipment is non-returnable.

4- Sunpro’s Actron Battery Load Analyzer (CP7612)

Battery Load Testers

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ACCURATE TESTER: This battery load tester precisely tests the battery’s charging systems condition.

WARRANTY: It comes with a 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty.

HEAVY DUTY: 12 extra heavy duty leads with strain-relief & insulated, color-coded copper-plated steel clamps. Comes with a heavy duty momentary test button or test switch.

MATERIAL: Chrome-coated steel housing with a rubber grip handle & side test clamp-holders.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This product may cause reproductive harm or even cancer.

COMPATIBILITY: With a full 100 amp testing capacity, this highly reliable and accurate unit works best on 12V and 6V batteries. It can perform both the 15-second load testing and a voltage test.

DISPLAY: The display of results found is on the 0-16 volt color-coded scale.

ORIGIN: Made in china.

CONCRETE: It is made of metal. If it falls down by accident, it is less likely to break. It is not fragile.

PEACE OF MIND: This battery load tester works exactly the way it should. Good for warming up your cold hands on a cold weather. Works perfectly and has a fair price as well.

3- OTC’s 3181 130Amp Heavy-Duty Battery Load Testers

OTC’s 3181 130Amp Heavy-Duty Battery Load Tester

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ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This OTC 3181 battery tester unit has been specially designed. It’s compact and portable. It’s lightweight and easily readable. The heavy-duty tester is also very easy to read. It provides not only accurate but also reliable test results. Plug it in and in only 10 seconds, you have your result displayed! What’s more, its display is extra-large and with zero adjust.

FORMIDABLE CLAMPING: The unit includes uniquely-built clamps for a strong positive grip on top and side-post batteries. There are also side tabs to enable on-tool clamp storage. It also features back brackets to enable tool storage on the wall or a toolbox.

POWERFUL & VERSATILE: This OTC unit works for both 6V and 12V batteries. You can, therefore, use it on a wide range of car batteries.

2- CARTMAN’s 12 Volts Car-Battery & Alternator-Testers

Battery Load Testers

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LED INDICATION: The LED display shows the condition of the battery. It works for only the 12 volts capacity battery only.

SIZE: LED clamp.

ALTERNATOR CHECK: Speeds up your engine up to 2000 rpm. You will know that the charging circuit is fine when the green light is lit.

CRANKING CHECK: The red light shows the voltage from the Alternator over-high.

BATTERY CHECK: It shows the charging percentage in the battery.

CHARGER CHECK: When the green light lights, it means that charging is complete.

CHECK BEFORE CHARGE: Checks if the battery is alive, which means it is okay to be charged.



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CONVENIENT &PORTABLE SCALES: This is an easy-to-read, portable and convenient scale.

TIMELY: It tests and shows results within 10 seconds only, off or on the car.

COMPATIBILITY: This battery load tester is only compatible with 12 volts and 6 volts batteries.

ZERO ADJUSTING: It determines the bad or good status by use of a huge display, with zero adjustments. It verifies the battery’s state of charge cranking & the charging volts.

WHAT IT FEATURES: 100Amp load capacity, copper-plated heavy-duty clamps, ceramic insulators, 0 volts to 16 volts range, load safety button which prevents arcing and a heavy-duty chrome-plated ventilated steel vase.


PRODUCT MEASUREMENT: 14” by 7.4” by 3.6”.

WORKS ON DEEP CYCLE BATTERIES: Can be used on home medical equipment like scooters and power wheelchairs.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This diagnostic equipment cannot be returned after purchase.

INEXPENSIVE: Gives you quality performance for little money.

TOP-NOTCH FINISHING: The outlook is very beautiful. The design alone can make you purchase it or get tempted to purchase it. Its functionality is worth your money.

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