Best Bamboo Steamers in 2019 Reviews

Best Bamboo Steamers in 2019 Reviews

For centuries, Asians have been using bamboo steamers for cooking their food. Today, not only the Asian are utilizing this cookware; it has been adopted in many parts of the world. Unlike most modern steamers, these are created using bamboo strips. Therefore, they need to be used with other cooking pot. Otherwise, if used alone, they can catch fire.

When buying these steamers, it is ideal to check for the highest quality product to ensure the health safety. Furthermore, the construction is vital with these steamers. The pan needs to be excellently crafted to ensure steam passes, while lid needs to be tightly packed to ensure that no steam is escaping. Others include the number of tiers and joining materials.

List of the Best Bamboo Steamers in 2019:

10. Delighted Chef Bamboo Steamer

elighted Chef Bamboo Steamer/ Baskets/Asian Steamer/Free Mesh Storage BagAre you looking for an ideal and safe way to steam your food? Here is one of the top performing steamers from delighted Chef. It is a highly durable and keenly created kitchen appliance that cooks your food to perfection. With durable bamboo material, there is no worry even after steaming food again and again since it doesn’t get damaged in the joined sections.

Without doubts, the steamer is created for everyone who loves steamed food. Its design enables fitting in most pots. Furthermore, this 10-inch bamboo steamer offers perfect size for cooking your favorite food. Provided carry bag ensures easy storages well as carrying.

Product Highlight:

  • Fits in many pots

This steamer fits in a variety of pans which makes it an excellent choice for many food steamers.

  • Large capacity

Boasting large capacity, the steamer is a perfect choice to steam a variety of food.

  • Durably made

The construction of Delight Chef is designed to ensure that you get value for your money. It is perfectly joined to offer extended use.


  • Long lasting bamboo materials
  • Easy to store in provided bag
  • Free from harmful materials like BPA

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9. SKÖN Premium Bamboo Steamer

SKÖN Premium Bamboo Steamer + 2 pairs of Reusable Chopsticks, Silicone Coated

If you want to enjoy Chinese food, you don’t need to go all the way to China. Having your favorite cuisine straight from your house is possible. What you need is this Skon premium steamer and prepares your mouthwatering steamed meal. It is created to ensure that you have mouthwatering and healthy meals hassle-free.

Having this steamer, there is no cracking due to high steam temperatures like with some brands. Its construction features high-quality woven bamboo that is reinforced with steel rings to guarantee high durability. Backed by reusable 2 pairs chopsticks and silicone liners, your appetite for steamed food just got quenched.

Product Highlight:

  • Reusable chopsticks

The steamer comes backed by two pairs of chopsticks. Therefore, enabling cooking and enjoy Asian cuisine in style.

  • Steel ring reinforcement

The integrated steel ring is fabulous in maximizing the steamer performance. Consequently, it ensures that the pans have excellent interlocking for maximum performance.

  • Safe for sticking food

With silicone liners, the Skon bamboo steamer boasts silicone liners that are great for sticking food. Therefore, even cleaning is a breeze.


  • Easy to clean after cooking
  • Non-stick liners enable smooth cooking
  • Waterproof bamboo increases the durability

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8.  Zoie + Chloe Natural Bamboo Steamer Basket

Zoie + Chloe Natural Bamboo Steamer BasketGive your veggies a perfect steaming without degrading the flavor. You can only achieve this by using Zoie + Chloe natural bamboo steamer. These steamer baskets are dedicated to ensuring that you give your food excellent taste. Amazingly, the basket is ideal steaming meat, veggies, fish and other foods while eliminating the grease.

Despite the steamer being crafted from woven bamboo, it is perfect for ensuring that food cooks perfectly. The plates enable free steam flow while the tightly intertwined lid ensures no steam escape. With doomed shape, the cover keeps off nutrients from escaping. Featuring 2 stackable baskets, the steamer provides ample space for cooking enough meal.

Product Highlight:

  • Reusable cotton liners

The basket contains reusable cotton liners that are safe and eco-friendly hence a great alternative to paper and silicone liners.

  • 100% percent bamboo

The baskets are safe for cooking healthy food since they are free from metal and other harmful particles.

  • Versatile use

This steamer is designed for use in cooking variety of food like meat, fish, and vegetables.


  • Safe and reusable cotton liners
  • Easily stackable when cooking
  • Metal and other harmful particles free

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7. Delighted Chef 2017 Bamboo Steamer

Delighted Chef 2017 Updated Model Bamboo Steamer Lightweight BasketsExperience the Asian food with a style while relaxing in your house. Unlike other knockoffs on the market, this one is sturdily constructed from, durable bamboo to in increase the usability. Not only the baskets are perfectly built, but, they are reinforced with stainless steel rings to guarantee excellent stacking and sealing. Therefore, there is no loss of steam and nutrients.

Designed to fit 8-inch pots, the baskets offer 4-quart capacity meaning they are great making enough meal. For continent serving, the basket is backed by bonus tongs that facilitate easy moving of hot food to the serving plate. With great handmade crafting, the steamer is an ideal choice for home and commercial use.

Product Highlight:

  • Strong stainless steel ring

Unlike cheap plastic rings, this steamer has stainless steel rings that reinforce the stability. Furthermore, the rings provide a perfect seal and don’t taint food.

  • Excellent construction

Construction features heavy-duty bamboo material. With solid construction, the bamboo doesn’t peel or crack thus improving the durability.

  • Bonus wooden tong

The bonus tong dramatically boosts your cooking since it enables safe serving of hot food.


  • Highly durable bamboo
  • Safe and perfect stainless steel seals
  • Lightweight and high compatibility with cooking pots

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6. JapanBargain S-2221, Bamboo Steamer

JapanBargain S-2221, Bamboo Steamer, 2 Tiers

Are you thinking of steaming your food, does it the Asian way? The only way to achieve is by looking for this JapanBargain bamboo steamer. Unlike other steamers, this one is from natural bamboo, which means that it doesn’t adulterate the food flavor. Due to this, it allows steaming food like bread, seafood veggies and many more.

Designed featuring two baskets, space is great for cooking enough food. Furthermore, it enables steamer of different food at the same time. With tightly woven lid, it ensures that the food cooks fast while preventing steam and nutrients from escaping. Furthermore, this steamer basket is great for reheating your food.

Product highlight

  • Pure bamboo construction

Unlike other steamers as that is lined with plastic or steel reinforcement, this is genuine bamboo to impart great taste.

  • Perfect stacking

Although the steamer boasts natural bamboo, it has ideal stacking that gives excellent sealing.

  • Two bamboo baskets

This basket has two baskets that enable simultaneous cooking. Further, the baskets have proper ventilation for excellent steam flow.


  • Great for steaming and reheating
  • Strong and extended durability
  • Keeps food tasty

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5. Trademark Innovations 3 Piece Bamboo Steamer

Trademark Innovations 3 Piece Bamboo Steamer

Making delicious food minus oil is possible. Furthermore, buying an air fryer can be a bit costly. The best and cheapest way to cook healthy meals is a use of a steamer. The Trademark innovation brings style and reliability to your home to steam your food to perfection. With quality bamboo construction material, the steamer delivers natural tasting food without affecting the flavor.

Measuring 10 inches in diameter, the steamer is an excellent choice to use with various pots in your kitchen. Furthermore, the two tiers are fantastic in making sure that you prepare enough meal. The domed lid and secure locking deliver mouthwatering food without losing the original flavor. Without metallic rings, it means the basket this steaming basket is safe to handle without burning your hands.

Product Highlight:

  • Fully natural bamboo construction

For the safety and maintaining the food flavor, the steamer enjoys 100% bamboo construction.

  • Easy cleaning

Cleaning this Trademark innovations bamboo steamer is a cliché. Only warm water is needed, and the steamer is clean ready for utilization.

  • Compact design

The compact design exhibited in this steamer enables easy storage even on space constricted places.


  • Straightforward cleaning
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Simple to use single or all tiers

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4. Norpro Deluxe 3-Piece Bamboo Steamer Set

Norpro Deluxe 3-Piece Bamboo Steamer Set

Frying food always can affect your general health due to accumulated fat in the body. To enable healthy meals and cut oil intake, a food steamer is inevitable. However, not all steamers will keep your food tasting yummy. The Norpro deluxe bamboo steamer is a perfect way of ensuring that you have a check of what you eat. Dedicated to steaming food to perfection, the cookware delivers food without any flavor denting.

Besides having significant health benefits, this steamer is highly economical. Boasting 10 inches diameter, it can accommodate large quantities of food. In fact, it can accommodate up to 8 pig buns. Besides, it is possible to steam other foods like broccoli; carrots snap peas and other conveniently.

Product Highlight:

  • Works with many pans

When you buy this steamer, there are no hassles to buy a special pot. This has great compatibility with many spans.

  • Simple to clean

With only warm water, it is effortless to clean Norpro deluxe bamboo steamer.

  • Efficient steam flow

To enhance proper cooking, the plates are efficiently perforated to boost maximum steam flow.


  • Maintains food flavor and great taste
  • Works well with variety of food
  • Compatible with various cooking pots

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3. VonShef 2 Tier Premium Bamboo Steamer

VonShef 2 Tier Premium Bamboo Steamer with Stainless Steel BandingHaving trouble with your current steamer? It is time to let it rest and look for this one from VonShef. Unlike the conventional steamers, this one features bamboo construction to give your food perfect cooking without experiencing quality or flavor distortion. With great steaming ability, this cooking appliance gives you the real taste of the Chinese cuisine.

Unlike boiling, steamed food retains a lot of nutrients. That is why choosing this bamboo steamer will ensure you enjoy eating food with high nutrients and vitamins. Made from natural bamboo and stainless steel binding the steamer boasts improved durability compared to other brands.

Product Highlight:

  • Reinforcing stainless steel rings

The stainless steel rings add strength to the bamboo, while also improving the ability of the tiers to stack perfectly.

  • Natural woven bamboo

The bamboo used in the construction of this basket is naturally woven. It doesn’t have the joining materials that are harmful to human health.

  • Bonus bamboo chopsticks

Not only the steamer enables making great chines food; but, the included chopstick ensures you eat in style.


  • High-quality bamboo weaving
  • Prevent loss of moistures and nutrients
  • Bonus 50 wax steam liners

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2. Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Bamboo Steamer

Helen Chen's Asian Kitchen Bamboo SteamerAdopting healthy eating is the key way of ensuring you have a disease-free life. However, to get a healthy meal, steaming is among the best cooking techniques. The Helen Chen’s bamboo steamer is one of the best naturally created cooking appliance to keep you eating excellently prepared food. Besides having a healthy diet, the steamer provides an economical way of delivering healthy meals.

Unlike metal steamers, this one has authentic great food cooking without compromising the taste or the quality. With the ability to be used in various pots, the food basket is ideal and large to steam meat, vegetables and other types of foods. With tight-fitting lid, it helps to maintain the food freshness due to trapping of nutrients and moisture.

Product Highlight:

  • Tight-fitting lid

The tight-fitting lid is excellent for enabling high-performance cooking. Also, it helps in keeping food with high nutrients and vitamins.

  • Handmade natural bamboo

This basket enjoys handcrafting which is ideal for ensuring the quality. Furthermore, natural bamboo that is free of harmful materials and metals.

  • Hand washed

To improve the durability, this food steaming basket is simple to clean through the hand washing.


  • Excellent quality handcrafting
  • Free from chemicals and other toxins
  • Quick cooking due to tight fitting

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1. Joyce Chen 26-0013, Bamboo Steamer Set

Joyce Chen 26-0013, Bamboo Steamer SetIf you want to enjoy real Asian cuisine in your kitchen, there is no doubt you have to look this bamboo steamer set from Joyce Chen. In fact, it is one of the best bamboo food basket steamers that you can get on the market today. Created by high expertise, the steamer provides less cooking time while maintaining the real food taste.

Unlike the modern metallic steamer, this one is created from 100% bamboo making ideal for all food steaming. Apart from the high reliability, the steamer is elegant and looks stunning when in your kitchen. Perfectly stacking baskets and tight fit lid ensures quick steaming without compromising the food quality.

Product Highlight:

  • Protects food quality

Steaming with this basket delivers mouthwatering food with original taste.

  • Economical use

When cooking with this steamer, it dramatically cuts the cooking time hence enabling saving the energy cost.

  • Stylish construction

The construction focuses on the steamer performance and also the overall appearance. In fact, it is a stylish basket that complements kitchen décor.


  • It cooks fast
  • Sturdy and superbly constructed
  • Multiple steaming is possible due to 3 tiers.

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Bamboo baskets steamers are superb in enhancing quality food. Designed to enable quick and healthy cooking, they are the excellent choice for every kitchen.


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