Best Bagel Slicers in 2020 Reviews

Making a perfect cut through a bagel can’t be achieved minus a bagel slicer. In this post, we focus on analyzing and reviewing the top 10 best bagel slicers in 2020.

Which are the top ranking products in this category? What do they have to offer? These are some of the questions that we seek to answer through this summary.

If the time to stop using other delicate kitchen tools like knives to slice your bagel(s) has finally come, then it’s only wise that you read through the following reviews to find out which bagel slicer suits your kitchen best. Let’s get to business.

10. The Sharper Image Precision Cut Bagel Slicer

The Sharper Image Precision Cut Bagel Slicer

After a long time of struggling with your kitchen knife to cut bagels, you can now say no more to cut your fingers in the process with this fantastic bagel slicer by the Sharper Image Manufacturing.

This tool is a one-handed bagel slicer that makes slicing bagels as quick, safe and comfortable as possible.

The featured safety lid on this bagel slicer ensures optimum user safety by shielding one’s hands from incurring scratches and cuts during operation.

Also, this tool boasts a non-slip base, a feature that guarantees its safety further.  What’s more, this unit is ultra-lightweight.

Therefore, you can bring it with you wherever you go including camping, traveling, among other areas.  It weighs only 2 pounds.


The Sharper Image Precision Cut Bagel Slice comes ready for the job. No assembly is necessary.

Again, it’s ultra-safe. With it in your home, you can now be sure to enjoy perfectly cut bagels without risking injuries on your hands. The portability of this tool also makes it worth buying as it suits use anywhere.


  • Crumb tray allows for easy cleaning
  • One-handed operation
  • Ultra-portable
  • Ultra-safe


  • None

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9. Chef’s Choice 680 Bagel Pro Electric Bagel Slicer

Chef's Choice 680 Bagel Pro Electric Bagel Slicer

With a bagel slicer from the Chef’s Choice’s line of household items, you can be sure of its exclusive performance.

The superior construction of this tool allows it to thrive competitively on the market. With it in your kitchen, you can now slice bagels, dinner rolls, croissants, Kaiser rolls, biscuits, buns, among others all without the risk of cutting your hands.

The stainless steel cutting blades are not only efficient but also durable.

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What’s more, this unit comes with a receiver compartment, to hold the cut pieces safely for optimum food hygiene.


The Chef’s Choice 680 Electric Bagel Slicer allows for detachment of all its parts that come into contact with food for thorough cleaning. Also, its base features a storage compartment for the cord thereby facilitating non-cluttered storage.

Your safety while using this tool is guaranteed by the safety switch, which protects your fingers from direct contact with the cutting blades.


  • Stainless steel blades
  • Essential parts are detachable for cleaning
  • Non-cluttered cord storage at base
  • One-year warranty


  • None

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8. Bagel Guillotine Slicer Stainless Steel Biter Kitchen Cutter Knife Home Bread

Bagel Guillotine Slicer Stainless Steel Biter Kitchen Cutter Knife Home Bread

Right from its appearance, one can tell that this is a bagel slicer designed for nothing but optimum performance.

Let not its pocket-friendly price leads you to doubt its performance; the Bagel Guillotine Slicer is superior to some of the high-end models available on the market today.

It comes with a high carbon stainless steel blade. Also, there is a xylan nonstick coated blade with serrated edges.

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With these blades, you can be confident to achieve perfect cuts on bagels with minimal effort.  The comfortable grip acrylic safety shield triangular interior shelf with an embedded finger guard ensures smooth and safe operations.


This unit delivers beyond its promises. It comes ready for the job and can be used right after purchase. No assembly is necessary. Its superior construction allows it to last long, providing optimum value for its cost.

Your safety is guaranteed by the featured hand grip as well as the finger guard. Therefore, this tool can be used by children at home.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Stainless steel blade
  • Xylan nonstick coated blade
  • Finger guard and safety shield


  • None

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7. Larien Bagel Guillotine

Larien Bagel Guillotine

Larien is the proud manufacturer of the making of this one-of-a-kind bagel slicer. The superior construction of this tool allows it to rank among the best bagel slicers this year with no hassle.

It’s a product that boasts an award by the American Society of the aging-silver award. It comes to simplify your bagel slicing process exclusively. Its blade is Xylan coated with smooth bagel slicing and durability.

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We also found the lightweight nature of this tool impressive, as it allows for one-handed operation.


This is a tool that’s bound to last long thanks to its sturdy outer shell as well as the xylan coated blade. It can also be operated by anyone including children as it comes with safety shields and is ultra-lightweight for one-handed operation.

Therefore, your family can enjoy perfectly cut snacks even while you are away without visiting the emergency room.


  • Provides for effortless bagel slicing
  • Ultra-safe
  • Xylan coated blade for durability and smooth slicing
  • One-handed operation
  • Easy to clean


  • None

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6. MSC International 12614 Joie Bagel Slicer

MSC International 12614 Joie Bagel Slicer

With its arrival at your home, the MSC International 12614 Joie Bagel Slicer will bring about a significant difference in your kitchen operations. Slicing your bagels among other snacks evenly will become as easy as pie.

This is a professionally designed and developed bagel slicer that will never disappoint. It’s robust and sturdy allowing it to cut through into your snacks perfectly, evenly and effortlessly.

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The guide arms on this unit will always be there to help you secure the bagel in place before the cutting process.


The safety measure provided by this tool is a sufficient reason for purchase. It’s a tool that will make slicing various snacks easy, safe and perfect. It’s a sturdy tool that will serve you for decades without depreciating.

Even more, the MSC International 12614 Joie Bagel Slicer is lightweight and ultra-portable to suit use anywhere and by anyone including children.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Safe to operate
  • Perfect and even cutting
  • Sturdy and durable


  • None

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5. Larien Products 5400 Commercial Bagel Slicer

Larien Products 5400 Commercial Bagel Slicer

If you have come across other kitchenware by the Larien Company, then you must agree that this bagel slicer ranks in its class on matters performance.

Right from its design, one can tell that this is a tool designed for nothing but optimal performance. The high carbon precision-ground blade covered with a non-stick coating facilitates the perfect, even cuts into bagels as well as other snacks.

The triangular shelf holds and centers bagels for excellent slicing. It will accept bagels up to 2″ thick and 5″ in diameter. Also, user safety is ensured by the long-lasting polycarbonate guards on this slicer.


This is a tool that will serve you with no disappointment whatsoever throughout its lifetime. The sharp, durable blade and the 2-component, the easy-to-clean body makes this kitchenware complete and ready for the job.

Relative to its superior construction, this bagel slicer is reasonably priced to suit your budget in the best way. With it in your kitchen, you can be sure to enjoy perfectly and evenly cut snacks at any time and without incurring injuries.


  • High carbon, precision-ground blade
  • Non-stick coated blade for easy cleaning and durability
  • Easily replaceable blade cartridge system
  • Durable polycarbonate guards


  • None

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4. Fox Run 4089 Bagel Cutter/Holder

Fox Run 4089 Bagel Cutter:Holder

Tired of working tirelessly to slice your bagels as well as other snacks? Do you like using simple kitchen tools? Then, the Fox Run 4089 Bagel Cutter/Holder might suit your kitchen appropriately.

Coming to you at a pocket-friendly price, this tool will exclusively simplify your snack slicing operations. It’s constructed from durable wood, a material that guarantees its performance and durability.

All you will need is to place your bagel into the slicer, then use a knife to achieve a perfect and even cut. Within a few seconds, your bagel will be ready for spreading with cream or butter.


We appreciate the fact that this tool easily simplifies bagel slicing. Also, the wooden holder will promote your safety during the slicing operation as it protects your fingers from incurring scratches and cuts.

Your morning meals will always be easy and safe to prepare. The only downside of using this tool is that it comes with no knife.

Fortunately, it will integrate with your kitchen knife in the best way. Finally, you won’t need to compromise your budget as this tool features a pocket-friendly price.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Ultra-lightweight and portable
  • Durable rubberwood construction


  • None

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3. Yummy Sam Bread Slicer Toast Slicer Yummy Sam Toast Cutting Guide Bread Toast Bagel Loaf Slicer

Yummy Sam Bread Slicer Toast Slicer Yummy Sam Toast Cutting Guide Bread Toast Bagel Loaf Slicer

This is just another snack slicer that’s built to serve you exclusively.  The YUMMY SAM Bread Slicer Toast Slicer is developed from high-quality ABS resin, a material that makes it ultra-strong and tenacious.

It can resist high temperatures from -10-90 degrees C.  What’s interesting; this tool provides a free cutting surface to accommodate all snack sizes.

It’s ideal for slicing sandwiches, loaf, bagel, bread, toast, among other snacks. It can also be used for cutting vegetables, cheese, and ham.

Even more, the slicer’s bottom features an anti-skid design and holes which promotes its permeability for easy cleaning and food hygiene.


Beyond facilitating excellent bagel slicing, this unit is easy and safe to operate. Its lightweight nature makes it ultra-portable. Also, this unit is foldable for easy storage and transport.  Even more, its small size allows it to save on storage space.


  • High-quality ABS resin construction
  • Excellent temperature resistance
  • Provides a generous slicing surface for all snacks
  • Anti-skid and hollow bottom design
  • Easy to clean
  • #1 Best Seller in Bread Machine Parts & Accessories


  • None

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2. Koozam White Plastic and Stainless Steel Bagel Slicer

Koozam White Plastic and Stainless Steel Bagel Slicer

KOOZAM is the proud manufacturer behind the design and making of this highly rated bagel slicer. The superior construction of this bagel slicer promotes its durability and performance significantly.

Its noticeable features include white plastic exterior which is sturdy enough to withstand occasional falls. Also, the non-stick stainless steel blade on this bagel slicer facilitates excellent slicing of any snack with minimal effort.

Again, the blade features a serrated edging that prevents mashing of the bagel for a perfect and even cut.


Using the Koozam White Plastic and Stainless Steel Bagel Slicer every morning could bring out the best in you. Its wide base provides optimums stability for one-handed operation.

Also, this slicer features a comfortable grip for safe operations even by people with delicate hands.  Your safety while using this bagel slicer is improved further by the clear, acrylic guards that protect your fingers from incurring scratches or cuts.


  • Sturdy, non-stick, stainless steel blade
  • Serrated blade edging prevents bagel mashing
  • Ultra-stable
  • Clear acrylic guards for finger protection


  • None

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1. Lifetime Brands Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer

Lifetime Brands Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer

At number one is the Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer by Lifetime Brands. The Lifetime Brands’ dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has allowed this bagel slicer to be unbeatable on the competitive market.

Its sturdy cradle holds snacks perfectly into place while the two clear acrylic safety shields keep the user’s fingers away from the patented bagel slicing blade’s cutting wrath.

You don’t need much effort to slice your bagel as only a slight push is required. This tool is perfect for buns, rolls, bagels, as well as muffins.


We find the precision ground blade serrating on this tool to be of great significance. The serrated cutting ensures no mashing of the snacks occurs during the slicing operation.

What’s more, this bagel slicer is available in three different color options including silver, red and white. Therefore, you will be free to choose the color that best suits your kitchen décor.


  • Ultra-safe with acrylic safety shields
  • Sturdy, patented bagel slicing blade with a serrated edge
  • Three color options
  • Reasonably priced


  • None

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How to Use a Bagel Slicer?

You might be wondering as to how to use a bagel slicer. Here is a detailed guide for you. With the follow up of this guide, you can quickly learn the usage of this bagel cutter. So, check out and read the below-written details:

A large number of bagel slicers and cutters compose of a cradle. The purpose of cradle is to hold the bagel and also a V-shaped slicer in the most secured manner. Your hands will remain to injure free from the blade.

You only have to stick the bagel right in the cradle. After that, you have to line up your blade so that you can cut down the bagel from the middle. In other words, simply lift up the blade. Then place the bagel inside.

Lower down the blade and cut your bagel. This is simply how you can smoothly and hassle-free cut a bagel for yourself. Instead of hurting your fingers, follow this guide and feel free to use any kind of bagel slicer and cutter.

Lastly, you have to pay attention and remain fully concentrated while doing this specific cutting and slicing job. If you are in a rush and you want to slice bagel, then we are afraid, you will hardly perform this job with perfection.

Best Bagel Slicers – Buyers Guide

Bagel Slicers

It is now easy to get the best quality and premium bagel slicer for yourself. You can check out this buying guide and see how can you shop the top quality slicer for yourself. Keep in mind these important points and transform your mess experience into a hassle-free mode.

Offer Effortless Job

Most noteworthy, you should only buy and have that bagel slicer which offers you an effortless and seamless cutting job. In other words, search for the option which is quick, simple and easy to use.

Substandard slicers and cutters always give you a tough and difficult time.. So, try to get that bagel cutter which is made of stainless steel. And it should be designed to give the bagel lovers the most seamless and hassle-free time.

Hence, premium versions of such cutters and slicers cut down your bagel without messing up its size and shape.

Sharper and Stronger Blades

In addition to, purchase and shop for such bagel cutters which stronger and also sharper. Their blades have to be sharper, durable and too stronger.

With the presence of sharp blades, you can effortlessly and smoothly slice and cut down the bagels without messing them up. Sharp and strong blades do not squish or mangle the bagels.

Moreover, you can have such a cutter which is composed of serrated cutting edges. And if it has a non-stick kind of coated blade, then that is great. Sharp and non stick coated blades makes sure to give you a smooth cutting experience.

Keep Your Hands and Fingers Safe

Besides, your chosen bagel slicer needs to keep your hands and fingers safe and secured. It should not hurt or cut your fingers. Look and search for the model which offers you firm, secured and sage grip.

Even more, that cutter slicer should be able to give you full control. If it is encompassed by serrated edges and too safety shield, then your fingers will remain hurt-free. Most of the bagel cutters come with clear acrylic guard.

This component guard and secure your fingers from any kind of unfortunate accidents,


Your picked one bagel cutter should remain versatile and multipurpose in terms of usage. Apart from cutting and slicing down the bagel, it should be able to slice loaves of bread, muffins and also buns.

If it manages to cut rolls and any other similar stuff, then it means you have taken hold of a perfect kitchen accessory.

Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe

You should prefer that bagel slicer which is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. It has to be non-stick as well. The presence of all these elements is going to assure you 100% satisfaction and long term usage.

You need to make an effort to search for such a bagel cutter which is backed and supported by Lifetime Customer Satisfaction and 100% Guarantee.


The review of the Hoan Bagel Guillotine Slicer brings this summary to an end. We hope that, from this summary, you can now select the best bagel slicer from the reviewed options.

Any of the reviewed products has all it takes to serve you exclusively and for a long time. Your choice will be determined by, among other factors, your budget as well as personal preference.


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