Best Baby Changing Tables in 2019 Reviews

Babies are very special to moms, and they need comprehensive care and protection in every situation. You have to make sure that your baby is comfortable when taking off the messed diapers this is why you need to buy baby changing tables.

The list below entails a review of the top 10 Best Baby Changing Tables in 2019. Therefore, the report will offer you valuable information which is particular as well as guidelines that give you a chance to buy the best product from the many online.

10. Badger Basket Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Baby Changing Table

The baby nursery should be clean with a tidy look. Badger basket estate changing tables have all this featured with an attractive look and conceals everything perfectly. The changing table has three separate baskets; one large, two medium and three small open cubbies.

Plus, the baskets are removable and leave behind open cubbies or shelves that act as a storage area for some baby’s toys. With badger basket estate changing table, the baby is adequately protected by the polyurethane foam covered pad, and safety belt included.

More interesting, the pad is made of 80% polyester &20% cotton which makes it easy to clean; just wipe with mild soap and damp cloth. Additionally, the frame is made of solid wood, changing area has safety rails, and the baskets are foldable thus easy to store. Can hold weight up to 13.6kg and need to be assembled before use.

  • Advantages:

It has foldable and removable baskets that facilitate their secure storage. It’s made of high-quality fabric which is accessible to clean and durable. Changing area had safety rails, belt and covered with polyurethane foam for baby protection and comfort. The changing table has perfect organization and containment of all baby stuff.

As a result, customers have reviewed the product saying it’s easy to assemble, sturdy and has spacious cubbies to store enough of the baby clothes.


  • Changing pad area is made of polyester 80% &20% cotton
  • Has removable and foldable baskets; one large, two medium and three cubbies
  • Hold weight up to 13.6kg
  • It’s attractive and with spacious storage cubbies

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9. Graco Lauren Changing Table, Espresso

Graco Lauren Changing Table, Espresso

Get chances to enjoy using a premium certified product as your baby’s changing table by buying the Graco Lauren changing tables for your baby. The tables offer a safe and convenient place to dress and change your baby in that. It has two large shelves which provide more than enough space to store baby clothes and other essential supplies, the changing pad has 1-inch vinyl waterproof material with safety straps for comfort and security for the baby.

The changing table is unique in that it has four wheels; two are lockable, which necessitates its mobility around the house. It is made of solid pine wood & composite makeup with a durable, non-toxic finish and as a bonus; it has a one-year warranty.

  • Advantages:

It comes with an open design which earns it easy access with enough storage space; thanks to the two large shelves. It is easy to move it in the house as has wheels. The product is high quality made of durable material and is inexpensive.

Many customers are amazed by the abundant storage space the product offers. Talk about its mobility and durability; it has left many pondering their mouths.


  • Has four wheel; two are locking
  • It has an open, easily accessible design
  • Two large shelves offer excellent storage space
  • High quality & durable

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8. Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table

Badger Basket Diaper Corner Baby Changing Table

Just like the name suggests, the changing tables allows you to lay the baby at the corners with the legs pointing you. The Badger Basket baby changing table has hamper which serves more than one purpose; take laundry to the laundry room, be used for storage and also for other uses in the house.

A pull-out basket is also featured which provides more space to store baby supplies and clothes. Utilizing this changing table makes your nursery more organized thanks to the additional storage shelves that are built on the sides and bottom thus improved convenience.

Safety belt and one white terry cloth changing pad cover are included. Badger baskets diaper changing table is made of wood, wood multi-layer and composites with a non-toxic finish and carry a max weight of 13.6kgs.

  • Advantages:

It has additional shelves that provide more storage area. The table is designed with an inclined design. It has also a safety belt and pad cover cloth wiper. Hampers featured has multi- purposes in the house; take clothes to the laundry, used for storage is durable with a non-toxic finish.

Most of the buyers say it’s well priced with a durable construction and this has made the product to qualify to be rated as a five-star product by most of them. Furthermore, they are also impressed by its design which allows them to face the baby when changing the diapers.


  • Allows you face the baby when changing the diapers
  • Built with additional storage shelves on the sides
  • Has removable hamper
  • Can be used for baby weighing up to 13.6 kgs

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7. Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

Dream On Me Emily Changing Table

The name is an assurance of comfort to your baby. The changing table measures 36.5L by 20W by 39h inches. With Dream On Me changing table, your baby will enjoy the whole process of changing his/her diapers thanks to the one-inch changing pad which is surrounded by 5 ½” safety rails which prevent any falls.

Mores, the changing tables for babies have an open, natural access design with two large shelves below the changing area which provides just enough space to store all baby supplies and other essential accessories.

  • Advantages:

It has an open, easily accessible design. The 1″ changing pad and safety rails surrounding it provide max safety and protection for the baby. Also, the baby changing tables have two large shelves below that offer excellent storage area for all baby stuff and also ensure they are close.

Customers express a feeling of satisfaction and comfort when using the product, and this gives you more reasons to try it at your parenting experience.


  • One inch changing pad with 5 ½ ” safety rails surrounding it
  • Has an open, easily accessible design
  • Has abundant storage; two shelves
  • It’s affordable

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6. South Shore Angel Changing Table

South Shore Angel Changing Table

Add this simple sophistication to your house décor. The changing table is made of an attractive wood finish design which makes it fit perfectly with other furniture.

Featured are; rounded wooden knobs, secure front panel to provide max safety to your baby and slide-out drawer to store essentials. South shore angel changing tables also has an open design below that can be used to store some of the baby clothes and body creams.

The changing table measures 39.25″H by 19.5″W by 35.5″ L; therefore, it is easy to assemble and is used for babies weighing not more than 30lbs.

  • Advantages:

It has an attractive wood finish thus will play a part as décor in the house. The front safety panel appropriately secures baby on the changing table.  The table is easy to assemble and has an open design with enough storage space for all baby stuff.

Customers are praising its appearance which makes them not regret using it as part of their furniture thanks to the attractive finish. They also comment a lot on its convenience and exceptional durability.


  • Have wooden knobs
  • Attractive design
  • Durable with great convenience on its use
  • Easy to assemble and hold max weight of 30lbs

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5. Badger Basket Changing Table with Six Baskets

Badger Basket Changing Table with Six Baskets

Ever been in a situation, you lay your baby down on the changing table and so unfortunate it collapses falling the baby? This is terrific and chaotic, right? Badger Basket changing tables for babies brings all these problems to a halt.

The changing table is stronger with a unique design which has included metal rails below the changing pad which provide more support and stability.

Unlike the other products, storage of baby’s essential is simplified by this changing table; it has six baskets, three large baskets to store the blankets, diapers and three small baskets that stores the toiletries, socks and other small items. With these changing tables, you will be able to keep track of what’s stored in each basket as each has record cards included.

Besides, the changing area is covered with a small mattress, surrounded by rails and has a built-in safety belt that assures max safety for the baby. Maintain the product’s hygiene isn’t stressful as it’s easy to clean with just a simple damp cloth wipe.

  • Advantages:

It has improved support and stability added up by the metal rails.  Storage space it enough and more organized; has a card for record keeping in each basket. The changing table is simple to clean and provides excellent protection and safety for the baby thanks to the included mattress, safety belt, and rails around the changing pad.

Fantastic and excellent are most of the words the customers have used to describe the product. They say it works well with no failure and has helped then a lot organize the baby rooms.


  • Has six baskets; three large for blankets diapers, three small for socks, toiletries
  • Each basket has card hold to show what’s inside
  • Have metal rails below the changing pad
  • Safety belt and tracks are included for more security

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4. Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with Hamper

Badger Basket Modern Changing Table with Hamper

Are you one of those who is concerned about fashions and new arrivals in the market? Then Badger Basket modern changing tables are must-have furniture for you. The changing table features with; hamper and three baskets both of which are removable for separate use leaving open cubbies that can be utilized for storage of more properties.

Additionally, the pull-out baskets are useful for socks, toiletries, and shoe storages. Both the hampers and the baskets are foldable which makes it easy to store them. The changing pad is covered with polyurethane foam that gives your baby a soft touch of comfort and more interesting, its surrounded by safety rails with a built-in safety belt.

Moreover, a metal support bar features beneath the changing pad which assures excellent table stability. The frame is composed of solid wood & composite with a non-toxic finish and above all cleaning is so easy since it’s all about using a damp cloth.

  • Advantages:

The table is a modern design available. It has improved stability and safety when in use; has metal support bar, safety rails, and safety belt. It has a lot of storage space for all baby supplies as has both hampers and three baskets. The hamper and baskets are removable and foldable thus necessitate their is easy to clean; use mild soap and damp cloth.

Being a modern product in the market, many customers have loved its thanks to its improved performance and features. The buyers have enjoyed it much and above all its not expensive


  • Has hampers and three baskets; both are removable & foldable
  • Has metal support bar for improved stability
  • Easy to wash with mild soap and damp cloth
  • Made of modern design

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3. South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table

South Shore Savannah 2-Drawer Changing Table

It’s time to give your house/nursery the golden touch with the best changing table that offers a warm espresso finish. This changing table is made with an eco-friendly CARB compliant wood. South shore savannah changing tables features two drawers with glides and catches which improves its security. Not only the drawers but also have three open compartments which provide enough storage space.

With south shore savannah changing drawer, the product has more use even after the baby had grown older unlike other products: it can be used as a dresser or storage cabinet in the house. Additionally, the changing area is surrounded by rounded rails, and the product has a five-year warranty.

  • Advantages:

The changing table is made of an eco-friendly CARB compliant wood which also promises its durability. The product has a great warm finish which makes it’s attractive and matches well with other furniture in the house. It’s economical; can be used later even when the baby grows older as a storage cabinet or dresser.

Customers have reviewed dramatically on its look saying it’s pleasant and also the product it’s of good quality with a high pricing.


  • Constructed of eco-friendly CARB compliant wood
  • Has 2-drawers and open design below for storage
  • Has a warm finish which makes it attractive.
  • Five-year warranty

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2. Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

Delta Children Infant Changing Table with Pad

Made of sturdy and straightforward wood design but makes the best choice for your nursery/house. The changing table is constructed of wood solids, wood composites with a non-toxic finish. The changing table is featured with a water-resistant changing pad which has a built-in safety strap. Above all, the baby is well secured in the changing area as its surrounded by rails.

You want to cut down your budget and still buy a quality product? Then Delta Children infant changing table becomes your option. It has two fixed shelves for open storage, easy to assemble and the product is eligible for free part replacement.

  • Advantages:

It’s affordable and durable. The changing table has a water-resistant changing pad; changing area is secured with safety rails and safety strap for baby comfort and protection. It also has an open design with two fixed shelves used for storages of the changes you need.

Many buyers love the comfort this product offers to the babies when lying on it. It’s inexpensive thus many can buy it and works perfectly.


  • Have two fixed open shelves for storage
  • Changing area has a water-resistant pad fitted
  • Safety for changing area and rails all around and safety belt
  • Has free part replacement
  • Easy to assemble

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1. Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Delta Children Eclipse Changing Table

Make your little Angel’s nursery colorful and stylish with the Delta children eclipse changing timetable which has a combination of function craftsmanship and style too. The changing table is elegant with an excellent finish which makes it part of the nursery décor. This is must-have furniture for you since it pocket-friendly, quality and highly efficient.

Also, the changing table has two fixed shelves which provide ample storage space for all baby goodies. The changing area is enough and its well secured with rails and safety belt, and above all, it has a water-resistant pad that ensures the baby is comfortable. No struggles to maintain its hygiene which is a very crucial matter as you can clean with a damp cloth.

More reasons why you mast buys the product is because it’s certified and eligible for free parts replacement.

  • Advantages:

The table is easy to clean and maintain its hygiene. It has a stylish and attractive finish that suite the house very well. Changing area is also water resistant pad; safety rails all around and safety belt. It’s affordable, durable and quality product.

This is a high-quality product on the market by customers as it offers them unlimited services thanks to its durability and efficiency


  • Change area is spacious enough with rail all round and safety belt
  • Have an attractive and gorgeous look
  • Have two open shelves for storage

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Make your parenting experiences and your baby’s infant moments enjoyable and memorable by making the best choice of the changing tables.


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