Best Adjustable Laptop Stands in 2019 Reviews

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Laptops are versatile devices which allow usage everywhere you go due to high portability. Despite being portable, the devices have a problem when it comes to ergonomics. The buttons and screen, plus heating don’t augur well with many people. To solve all these issues, having a foldable laptop stand is a great option.

Laptop desks are available in different styles and materials. Some are wooden, metallic and plastic. Also, portability and height of adjustment differ across different brands. If you have been looking for right laptop computer stand, you are at home.

Best Adjustable Laptop Stands in 2019:

10. Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand for Laptops


  • Sturdy aluminum construction
  • Easy assembly
  • Universal design
  • Great versatility
  • Provides ergonomic standards

Griffin elevator laptop stands outshine most of its competitors as it features unique construction. Everything is aluminum which is durable, robust and incredibly lightweight. By being ultra-lightweight, you can easily move it from corner to corner of your house depending on the convenience. The aluminum frame features a brushed design with a smooth finish which enhances elegance. So, many people regard this equipment as a masterpiece for improving décor in your house. It is so beautiful such that it blends exquisitely with any home equipment to rejuvenate the whole indoor atmosphere.

Also, it features a unique design that makes it so simple to assemble and disassemble. So, this is an excellent piece to use outside under the shade as you use your laptop because you can set it up easily and dissemble effortlessly. And as per the health experts, you should position the monitor with the eye level. Griffin Elevator laptop stand provides for this and hence meets those ergonomic standards.


  • Great versatility
  • Universal compatibility
  • Enhances maximum air circulation
  • Elegant finish and strong aluminum

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9. Readaeer Computer Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand

Readaeer Computer Adjustable Laptop Desk Stand


  • Adjustable height
  • 360 degrees rotation
  • Multiple usage designs
  • Lightweight design
  • Auto-locking joints

Readaeer 360 degrees laptop- stand stands out from the rest due to its functional design. It features adjustable height with auto locking joints to firmly support your computer. Also, it features a versatile design which means that it can be used as a writing desk, sketchpad among other practical uses.

The unique construction boasts of an iron surface and plastic legs. This unique blend of materials enhances maxim functionality at the same time maintaining portability. By featuring 360 degrees rotation, this equipment supports all positions. So, all you have to do is tilt and rotate to suit your comfort.

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It is suitable for computers up to 17 inches but still accommodates varied sizes comfortably.  Thanks to the extendable width that can cover up to 19 inches. It weighs approximately 3.6 lbs. And by having a foldable design, you can transport it and store with great ease. Moreover, the model provides a mouse pad anchored still to the main frame; this is to allow the use of the laptop as well as desktop.


  • Full 360 degrees rotation to support various positions
  • Foldable design for mobility and storage purpose
  • Supports computers and laptops of various sizes
  • Multiple uses

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8. FITUEYES Computer Monitor Stand

FITUEYES Computer Monitor Stand


  • Double storage design
  • High quality and solid materials
  • Large bearing capacity
  • Simple and ultra-lightweight design

This equipment features an innovative design that supports different kinds of machines, yet offers simple storage. By allowing neat accommodation of your particulars, it makes your workplace spacious. Whether it is your fax machine, printer, monitors, and stationery, this thing offers more than you can imagine. The unique design provides that you can easily hide the keyboard somewhere neat after work.

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Also, you can easily adjust the angle to match your preferred sitting angle. This equipment features a monitor riser that you allow the position of the screen so that your eyes don’t struggle. When your back and eyes don’t struggle as you go along your normal operations using your computer, your health improves remarkably. This is all about this laptop stand.

Just to add a little more, we can’t fail to recognize the high-quality materials that have been used in constructing this masterpiece. The materials include corrosive free and dirt proof material. The double matte surface provides ultimate wear protection as well as enhancing elegance. The construction is robust and has an exceptional bearing capacity of about 10kgs, meaning that you can place heavy machines such as large televisions and stationery or large desktop computers.


  • Robust construction
  • Durable build quality
  • Incredible bearing capacity
  • Exquisite high-quality materials

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7. AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Metal Monitor Stand


  • Improved ergonomics
  • Modern apparels
  • Durable materials of construction
  • Enlarged storage surface
  • Incredible bearing capacity
  • Beautiful silver coating

We may say much about this top-rated AmazonBasics laptop stand, but we can’t fail to recognize its improved ergonomics. The designer knows clearly that most computer users spend a lot of time hunched forward and may cause unwanted health benefits. Now, the design of this equipment makes it easy to adjust the height of the screen to a level that is proper for you. Precisely, it allows the monitor height to be adjusted by about four inches which can bring a lot of comforts.

When we talk of space-saving design, AmazonBasics provides a lot of space liberation that you’ll never see in any other brands of laptop stand. Regarding modern apparel, this product offers beyond what you can imagine. It boasts of rugged metal construction which features an enamel coating. This coating protects metal against so many enemies such as rust, corrosion, and other issues. And with up to 40 pounds weight capacity, this equipment can hold even the largest computers you could ever wish to use. So, this is a valuable laptop stand that will serve you diligently and for a prolonged time.


  • Weather resistant
  • Beautiful coating
  • High bearing capacity
  • Adjustable height

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6. PYLE PRO PLPTS25 DJ Laptop Computer Stand

PYLE PRO PLPTS25 DJ Laptop Computer Stand


  • Variable height adjustment adds convenience
  • Great compatibility with various machines
  • Features sturdy metallic construction
  • Stands on any surface without causing damage
  • #1 Best Seller in DJ Racks & Stands

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Pyle DJ and computer stand outshine most of the stands roaming from market to market. It not only supports various office machines such as large computers but also supports DJ accessories. One thing that these products extol is the variable height adjustment. People have different heights, but this won’t deter anyone from pursuing DJ career.

Whether you want to use the DJ machine for career purpose or personal entertainment, you’ll find Pyle PLPTS25 stand offers a practical solution for you.  Thanks to the four easy line it up to height adjustments. Besides, it holds up to 8 lbs. and is compatible with EFX machine CD players, lighting controllers among other machines.


  • Four easy line-it-up height adjustments
  • Robust materials and style of construction
  • Supports various kinds of machines apart from computers and DJ machine
  • Lightweight design enhances transportation of the equipment
  • Premium built quality

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5. AmazonBasics Laptop Stand – Silver

AmazonBasics Laptop Stand - Silver


  • Raises 6.1 inches
  • Cable organizers
  • Forward tilting

Enjoy using your laptop with ease and without struggling. The AmazonBasics tilting laptop stand is here for your aid. The desks have a lot of amazing features that ensure you get the best performance. One fantastic feature of this laptop is the ergonomic design which eases your utilization. When using it on your desk, the stand height is adjustable up to 6.1 inches. Besides, bringing the screen closer to eyes, it is tiltable to fit your observing angle.

Keeping this stand on your desk brings elegance. Designed from silver anodized metal, it helps in improving the house décor. Being metal manufactured, the stand is excellent for keeping your laptop cool due to heat drains. The cable management features allow your desk to remain neat. It is compatible with a range of laptops that have less than 9.4-inches.


  • Improver flow boost cooling
  • Durable and sleek silver powder finished metal
  • Simple to manage cables to improve neatness

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4. Avantree Quality Adjustable & Portable Laptop Table

Avantree Quality Adjustable & Portable Laptop Table


  • Multipurpose use
  • Auto-lock design
  • Lightweight construction
  • Mini table American cherry

Forget about keeping your laptop on your laps. It can cause discomforts due to heating and constraints when typing. The Avantree adjustable laptop table is here to improve your working experience. It doesn’t matter where you are; this mobile laptop stand allows you to use anywhere. This is because it’s easy to carry as well as set up for use. In fact, the desk has auto-lock mechanism to secure your computer.

Not only the table is ideal for laptops; it is highly multi-purpose. The table can be used as TV bench or bed book, and tablets stand. The legs with auto-lock are easy to adjust from 9.4 to 12.6 inches, rendering it ideal for improved comfort. Moreover, the surface angle is adjustable (0-30 degrees) to maximize your comfort. Construction entails high-quality wood which cuts overall weight. This wood laptop stand is outstanding for all your needs.


  • Easy to adjust height and angle
  • Suitable for use in various activities
  • Highly multi-purpose

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3. iCraze Adjustable Multifunctional Vented Laptop Computer Desk

iCraze Adjustable Multifunctional Vented Laptop Computer Desk


  • Lightweight aluminum alloy
  • Multiple users
  • Inbuilt silent fans
  • Joints locking design

If you are planning to buy a foldable laptop stand for your computer or TV, the right selection is here. The iCraze multifunctional vented desk for laptops is an outstanding bench made by professionals. Unlike other weak benches, this one is super lightweight and extremely strong. The construction features aluminum alloy legs which can support heavy weight. Moreover, the patented joint locking legs are superb in easing unfolding and strength when using the stand. As a result, there are no risks of collapsing when operating.

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Forget about the stands which are only for use by a single activity. When you get the iCraze laptop stand for desks, it allows multiple applications. It can be used for placing laptop, TV or as a book tray. On the other hand, it helps in keeping your device cool. The bench has inbuilt silent fans which are powered by USB cables. Leg adjustability is superb since it not only raises the bench height but allows angling to suit your best viewing orientation.


  • Strong and durable aluminum allow
  • Simple to tilt and adjust to fit your viewing
  • Easy to cool your laptop though inbuilt fans

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2. Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk

Executive Office Solutions Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk


  • CPU cooling fans
  • Lightweight adjustable aluminum legs
  • Multiple uses
  • #1 Best Seller in Computer Tables

A computer is supposed to be enjoyable when using. But, if you don’t have a stand, it can be hectic. This premium aluminum laptop desk from Executive Office Solution is what everyone needs to enjoy using this device. Whether seating or standing, it is possible to use the stand. It has jointed legs which lock and unfolds with ease. Thereby, it can be used on the table top, or as a standing bench. To make sure that it can be ferried anywhere you are, the table is exceptionally lightweight and collapsible.

Enjoy great usability when you buy this laptop stand for bed. It can be used in various places such as on the desk and during relaxation. The top features built-in fans to cool your laptop hence preventing overheating. Furthermore, the bench is ideal for use as TV tray, dinner, sound systems, writing tray among other activities. To power fans, only connect via USB ports, and they are ready to cool your device.


  • Suitable for multiple uses
  • Supports heavyweights
  • CPU cooling fans prevents overheating

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1. Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand

Rain Design mStand Laptop Stand


  • Cable organizer
  • Tiltable design
  • Aluminum construction
  • #1 Best Seller in Laptop Mounts

Are you tired of using your laptop on your laps? It is time to switch to laptops desk stands. Rain design is one of the best laptop computer stands you can get on the market today. Although the stand is compact, it delivers exceptional performance. Construction boasts lightweight aluminum that can support heavy weight without bending. Moreover, eliminates struggling by raising the position of your laptop screen.

Unlike the plastic or wooden stands, aluminum used is essential since it helps to dissipate heat. This ensures that your computer doesn’t overheat thereby affecting its performance. For people who love to use mouse and external keyboards, the stand has a cable management to ensure a clean working area. With a sandblasted anodized finish, performance and elegance is a guarantee. This computer stand is compatible with laptops with less than 10.4-inch depth.


  • Extra lightweight aluminum
  • Easy to organize cables
  • Keeps computer cool
  • Sleek anodized finish

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Laptop stands are vital for everyday use. Whether in office, home or outdoors, they guarantee a peace of mind. Thereby, don’t struggle again, get mobile laptop stand.


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